melinda leigh scott

  1. Null

    Lawsuit 2019-01-24 - Melinda Leigh Scott: Scott v. Moon (Mk. V)

    TL;DW: Melinda Leigh Scott has attempted to sue me without stating a claim, making an identical mistake to her last effort. The case was dismissed in a month by Hon. James P. Jones, the same judge as last time. Last thread...
  2. Null

    Lawsuit 2018-12-12 - Melinda Leigh Scott v. Andrew Carlson, Joshua Moon, Sherod DeGrippo

    If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Melinda Leigh Scott, serial vexatious litigant, who has tried and failed on three (3!) separate occasions to sue myself or the Kiwi Farms, has failed for a fourth time. She remains the only person to push paperwork my way in court and has...
  3. Null

    Lolcow Melinda Leigh Scott & Marshall Castersen

    This story starts with a humble thread about a lolcow. This lolcow was a stalker of Melinda Leigh Scott, who, upon finding out Andrew was talking about her here, threatened me directly...
  4. Null

    Lawsuit 2017-06-22 - Scott v. Moon

    Some people are really fucking stupid. You may remember Andrew Carlson, or @tamarlover, a weird guy from the hills of Virginia who was obsessed with a childhood love interest named Tamar--now legally Melinda Scott, on her 9th husband at the age of 29. Despite having had a restraining order...
  5. Null

    2017-04-02 - Melinda Leigh Scott: "I will be taking legal action against you for ... $150,000"

    subject: Legal Action will be taken against you (from Kiwi Farms) from: Melinda Scott <> reply-to: Melinda Scott <> to: The following message has been sent from Melinda Scott <> (IP: 2601:846:c201:2909:5c52:bd51:f601:48ee)...
  6. The Jumping Dwarf

    Lolcow Andrew Peter Carlson / Anaiah Carlson / Tamarlover / Xtamarlover

    An Internet pasttime of mine when I'm bored is to attempt to go deep into YouTube. Recently, I found this freaky little man in one of these trips. His content is more disturbing than funny, but it's exactly the sort of beautiful trainwreck I know this place would love. I've been debating...

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