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  1. Coochie Concoction

    Artcow Ellie Lee / Ellie Wilson / Bell / Seabell / xCatb0t2022x / crystaltheechidna

    Blessed with a pair of crazy eyes that could burn holes through steel, my dear bell here is a pathological liar, a narcissist, a deadbeat mom and an alcoholic as she will force her husband to take care of the kids on top of working a full time job while she sits on the internet and drinks all...

    Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    MAN THE HARPOONS, BOYS! WE HAVE A BIG ONE HERE! So you might be wondering, who the hell is Tess Holliday? According to her Wikipedia page, Tess Holliday or Ryann Maegen Hoven, formerly also known as Tess Munster, is an American plus-size model and a body-positive activist, politically correct...
  3. AtroposHeart

    ForeverKailyn / SincerelyKailyn / kmwbeauty / Kailyn Marie Hughes/Wilcher Kailyn Marie Wilcher, aka ForeverKailyn and most recently MsKailynMarie, is a Youtube beauty ‘guru’ hailing from Bowie, Maryland. Notable for her questionable skills and internet drama, she was first brought to the attention of the Farms by...
  4. acrylicpaint

    Trainwreck Margaret / Margo Palermo / Margit Neuenschwander

    MOD EDIT: New OP written by @polexiaaphrodesia give her a round of applause. EDIT2: Timeline of events: Margaret Palermo is the narcissistic, manipulative, and unstable stage mother and ex-manager of Venus Angelic, a YouTube personality known for her distinct “living doll”, pseudo-Japanese...