1. Colmerry

    Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3

    "It's called fashion sweaty" Earl Shultz (Chosen name: Cade Dorian Paradoxa, better known as Dayton HyperNova) is a manipulative musician, music video producer, and self-proclaimed "pseudo-narcissist" tranny with a DUI who got popular from episode 365 of Revenge of the Cis. Earl frequently...
  2. B

    حلال StarryGreenEyes95 / Taylor Mitchell Pickens / BlueGator / AzureTranquility

    Username in question: @StarryGreenEyes95 - As you may have noticed by now, this tranny likes to post in a lot of threads to basically say he is much better than all the troons featured on the farms, as showcased in his literal first post in...
  3. CIA Nigger

    Dramacow CyberDemon531 / John M Rovenski / Andrea Rovenski / @pizzaparty531 / @pizzagamer531

    CyberDemon531 (Deadname: John M Rovenski, Troon name: Andrea Rovenski) is a tranny speedrunner who speedruns games intended for children and obscure DOOM wads, lives with his parents (but claims he's moving out soon), gets few views each stream, and he’s a NEET high school dropout. What sets him...
  4. Hellfire

    Anthony "Antoinette" Cancelliere / The_AniChrist / TheSardonicus / TheTrannyClub / AniCancelliere

    Update: Anthony has discovered his thread. At first he claimed he was leaving Twitter after realizing he's "something called a lolcow." He then created a wrestling promo styled video in which he threatened death and violence, which he deleted shortly after posting. Anthony's FetLife (complete...
  5. Mariposa Electrique

    ContraPoints / William Nicholas Parrott / Natalie Wynn Parrott / Nykytyne2

    Facebook This male idiot has TERs up in arms over his little Youtube production, so I decide to see what was so offensive about these idiots. At first, I thought it was just a bunch of angry lesbians getting angry over nothing, but I was wrong. Although this is not a community, it is it's own...
  6. Zorge

    Careercow Heather Alexandra / Alex MacIntyre @transgamerthink

    Alex MacIntyre (Heather Alexandra) is a Kotaku staff writer and known critic of video games throughout Youtube and Twitter. He has made many articles in the past going on about how offensive some games are. I have seen him mentioned in feeds and in the Doug TenNaple salt and Nick Robinson...
  7. G

    Chelsea Manning / Bradley Manning / xychelsea

    Chelsea Manning is a victim. For most of her life, Chelsea has been exploited by the people that surround her. Chelsea was abused and neglected by her family, had unduly harsh punishment distributed to her by the government and been used by communities which saw utility in her infamy. While it...
  8. Flame the Sunbird

    Katie Charm / James Daniel Davis / americanpegasus / Shade7x

    Fire's fired up about a trans woman who got kicked out of a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas for using the women's bathroom. Here's the link with video: The decision to shoot the video from her crotch is pretty unfortunate tho. It just...

    Dramacow ProtoMagicalGirl / Jaret Ross / Alexis Ross / @PrincessProto / littledrummergirl / littledrummerboy

    To the new viewers from AGDQ, welcome to the most comprehensive thread that exists on our 'favorite' announcer. Please enjoy your stay, and by all means, feel free to share you own experiences with this individual. Below is a quick summary of this thread. He's a diaper fetishist His therapist...
  10. Feline Darkmage

    Katelyn Burns / Katelyn Anne Garrett / Kyle Burns Garrett / Transscribe / ClosetTransGirl / tabz_ftw

    Discussed rather heavily in other threads, it's time to give Katelyn Burns one of her own. Name: Katelyn Anne Garrett Deadname: Kyle Burns Garrett Residence: 18 Smith Wheel Road, Unit 72, Old Orchard Beach, Maine Birthday: February 6, 1982 Social Media:
  11. Deezy

    Lolcow Emily Gorcenski / Edward J. Gorcenski

    Alright, I'm not entirely certain if this is lolcow-worthy, but I noticed it earlier and thought I might share. My interest in this person was piqued earlier when a friend sent me this: So, this is Emily F. Gorcenski, a 34-year-old transwoman from Charlottesville, VA...
  12. G

    Matt Perez / Michelle Perez / Rubblewoman / thatwronglove

    Matthew James Perez is angry, angry tranny from Minden City, Michigan. Matt Perez recently showed up on the radar as a random tranny who doxed a random Kiwi Farms member. In response to a tweet they posted, Matt was given advice to calm down, to which he responded by wishing death on an innocent...
  13. Nano

    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    Feel like this thread has been overdue. Narcissa Wright/I_m_out_of_my_mind-sDGYviQwiGo.webm Cosmo is a former speedrunner who held a few records and helped popularize speedrunning but has recently fallen into obscurity after transitioning from male to female and quitting speedrunning...
  14. Jaimas

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    Previous Threads: Thread 01: Thread 02: Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Wu Now: Brianna...
  15. CatParty

    Greta Gustava Martela / Kjel Anderson & Nina/Niraj Chaubal

    Update: 23/11/2016 A frequent trans lifeline caller kills themself @Field Marshal Crappenberg 's excellent documentation of everything uncovered so far: Greta Gustava is a...
  16. G

    Christopher Makin: thatsabinegirl/Sabine Isca/Naomi Technoir/Naomi Armitage/Sabine Yeuxbleus/b1ueye

    Sabine has been brought up in the Nora and Buffalo Bill threads and I have been lazily following her for a while so I figured I would make a thread. Sabine is a tranny hooker who would probably dig up Patti. Sabine has been around a while and has amassed over 322k tweets. Even by Rat King...
  17. Internet War Criminal

    Richard "Terra" Jones / Fire / Buffalo Bill / Lightning Princess / Leslie Eclaire / Stilanas

    @Smutley made the original KF thread in the ADF subforum but this particular rabbit gloryhole goes back far deeper, back to 2002 when he registered an account under the name Fire on the Something Awful forums. He was wildly mocked there for his extremist tendencies and love of underage anime...
  18. CWCissey

    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls / Mallorie Jessica Udischas-Trojan / Jesse William Trojan / Jessica Udischas

    This is starting to shit up the Assigned Male thread, so I'm going to give this webcomic it's own thread. Although it is significantly less strawmanny than the adventures of Stephie-With-The-Man-Hands, it is nonetheless just as stupid, with the same batshit...
  19. Smutley

    Inactive Chloe Sagal / John Paul Neumann

    2018-June-22 RIP 2015-May-08 For a quick updated guide on Chloe as of 5/8/15, see this post. Chloe Sagal is an indie game developer who created such sought after titles as...

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