1. Feline Darkmage

    Enzo Amore / Real 1 / Eric Arndt / WWEAaLLday21

    And Still I rise From the ashes like a phoenix Middle finger to the sky grippin' my... Consensual penis Eric Arndt (born on December 8th, 1986), better known as Enzo Amore to fans of Professional Wrestling, is a man who coasted entirely on his luck and bravado to get to where he is today. He is...
  2. Jaiman

    Benjamin Jackson / thegreattailz / Audiowave Dasher / schecterscorpion / blueitalics

    Benjamin Jackson, born on July 21, 1976, is a 40 year old brony who resides in Orlando, Florida. He is a musician who composes heavy metal music under the alias Audiowave Dasher. Here’s what he can do: Yeah… not so good. Just don’t share your honest opinion with Benjamin about how his music...
  3. CatParty

    Snowflake Abby Brown

    Facebook: Instagram: @abbybrownnightmarekid Abby, is well known for her extreme devotion to Nightmare Before Christmas...
  4. B

    Trainwreck Virgo Rouge / Jamie Morse / Marissa Morris/Elienne/Marchant/Elene Nadieja / Rachzel Grezbian

    This is my first post, so I apologize if it's not very good/well made. I've lurked for a few months. I searched for a thread about her in case there already was one, but all I could find was someone mentioning her in a random post. Links: Her website: Twitter...
  5. Broseph Stalin

    Lolcow KingCobraJFS / Josh Saunders

    EDIT 1/13/2017: Updated OP with info from @Achaemenes. So, @Jonzun brought this fellow up in the Metal Elitist thread some moons ago, but it never quite got the attention it deserved save for a few positive ratings. Allow ol' Papa Broseph to introduce KingCobraJFS, the Jäger swilling, guitar...
  6. Trip from Facade

    Lolcow John Sakars

    Mod Edit: Sakars is a lolcow, Dynastia thought so, so have his OP on him. I have deleted the image I had posted of John Sakars's youtube page as I no longer consider him a lolcow.