my little pony

  1. Shovelbird

    LoomyTyranny/Autism+MLP+Pro-NWO+European Royalism

    Read the Bio before you start. I never thought autism would be so horrifying. OK we all fuck around a little, but... Imagine Chris-chan level autism. Remember all the stuff from Good. Take Chris-chan's all the autism manners, remove its...
  2. Golden Compass

    Scott Alan Malcomson / Roy Calbeck / Pointed Commentary / Roy Kerensky

    Scott Alan Malcomson. I'll dump the most obvious stuff I could come across, but don't have a lot of time at present to devote to digging into his lengthy past in the furfag kingdoms. Starting this thread because I noticed there was nothing about him yet aside from mentions in random spots on...
  3. WhyDidIDoThis

    Krystianna Leigh Boone / Buttons / Buttons Pastel Star / Buttons Reviews / Bashful Story Fox / Zev / FNGR's Girlfriend

    Introduction Buttons is a deviantart artist who is known for, among other things, dating Anthony Aguilar. However, apart from just dating a bonafide lolcow, she is more than capable of being one by herself. Cringey Art To start off with, her artwork is MS Paint art that would make even first...
  4. chadmuska

    Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara"

    Some notes. Read them, they're important! FIRST OF ALL: All links using "" will no longer work. This is because Jerry changed it to "Lily-orchard" (as of the 8th of april). Just swap the surname and you should be golden. If you're here because you heard about...
  5. Gensdupays

    Lolcow Lee Goldson / Barneyfag / x86x2 / Revved

    So I don't know if this is different because he mostly posts "anonymously" on 4chan, but since we have a thread on Slugfucker maybe we can make this work. He does announce when he posts. First, maybe I should let Barneyfag explain himself in his own words. This was written to the resource...