1. HiramTheGrift

    Alex Rosen / Chet Goldstein / Gordon Flowers / Predator Poachers USA

    Alex Rosen (AKA Chet Goldstein) Crikey! It looks like we've stumbled upon some Kiwis in the wild, how would you like to join me on a safari? The internet is a dangerous place and we're going to track some dangerous prey. These people think they're the apex predators of the world, a Predator...
  2. Woke Blue Muttlema

    Quinton Reviews / Quinton Kyle Hoover / Q_Review / OttselSpy24 / OttselSpy25

    Old OP (Multimedia Edition): Unoficial thread song: In case you are a Quintonian or Quintonette and want "current stuff", check this post that accounts everything important as of Sep 12th, 2020. (Im not mad, I'm disappointed...
  3. kyle2252

    Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle / likykee1 / dinoman / soft kitty

    MOD EDIT: This post was originally made in the Kothorix thread. It's been moved to its own thread. Enjoy. I actually like Kothorix, he seems like one of the more sane and sensible furries out there. Though not any more I guess, since he left. Smart move.
  4. damian

    Artcow Jason Yungbluth / IamDeathRay / DeathRayGraphics / Wrathofporkins

    Jason Yungbluth is a cringey comic book writer/artist who a-logs obsessively about a # on twitter. He owns his own publishing company, DeathRayGraphics, where he makes poorly done parodies of popular nostalgia characters. Jason talking about his OC comic creation, Weapon Brown (A.K.A...
  5. damian

    Dramacow Tim Doyle / NakatomiTim / mrdoyle

    Tim Doyle is a serial harasser who tries to get people he doesn’t like fired. In the comics circles, he’s well known for leading harassment campaigns against creators he deems Nazis, while playing the victim when he’s called out on his bullshit. Most of his ops end in either failure or...
  6. Golden Compass

    Edward Barlow / Tenacious / TashkentFox / Tashkara / TenaciousVulpin / Zaroff / Section Leader Shaw

    I am shocked and amazed that this fine specimen of what furries are capable of has yet to receive his own thread, so I feel it is my duty to provide the users here with one. Tenacious, as he currently goes by, has had his own page on ED for quite a while. Edward, as he is known to normal...
  7. A

    Chris Pratt asks followers to pray for Kevin Smith

    The actor Chris Pratt has a bit of a history of generating stupid controversies, and today he really delivered. Kevin Smith tweeted earlier today that he had a massive heart attack (thread here), and Pratt responded with this tweet: Pretty innocuous, right? WRONG. Fedoras immediately began...
  8. Pepito The Cat

    Manosphere Blue Striker / Blue__Striker / BlueStrikerBomber / BlueStrikeArt / Vicente Manuel Alvarez Montes

    It happened to all of us at some point and recently, it happened to me; while lurking the webs for random shit you may come across several autists, frustrated virgins or edgelords that are barely humorous or don’t have enough material to test how deep the water goes. At one point, today, I came...
  9. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Jed Whitaker / Jed05 / Dimmujed / KillerIsJed / Dr. Dinosexual / Amiibo Butt Guy

    "There's something about Dinosaurs that excites me" - Jed Whitaker And apparently, there's also something about the Switch controller that excites him too, because he recently wrote an article about shoving it into his own asshole. Name: Jedediah Geather Whitaker Residence: Columbus, Ohio...
  10. chimpburgers

    Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley / Violet Cassandra Ocean

    MOD NOTICE: If you're seeing this post as the OP, then please head to this post instead as it's more up-to-date. SECOND MOD NOTICE: A quality post about Jake's 2020 antics, including updated dox. Update, pics, dox and other details have been discovered: For more images of Jake Alley, this post...
  11. Randall Fragg

    Careercow David "Proud Cuck" Futrelle

    David Futrelle is the owner of We Hunted The Mammoth, a blog which is kind of like if the Loveshy Therapy Center was run by a humorless "feminist" who chimped out at lolcows instead of laughing at them. However, Futrelle wasn't always a feminist white knight. Back in the 90s, Davy was a fervernt...
  12. Abethedemon

    Careercow Pastor Steven L. Anderson / Sanderson1611 Steven Anderson is the head Pastor of Faithful Word Baptist...