1. lamp shade

    Snowflake Jude Valentin / Judy Valentin / MermaidQueenJude / MerQueenJude

    Judy Valentin DOB August 12, 1996 B.A. in Acting from Columbia College Chicago 555 Bushwick Ave Unit 2B Brooklyn, NY 11206 Jude Valentin is a fat, entitled internet “content creator” who hates thin people and bullies anyone who dare question her rhetoric. She can often be found posting videos...
  2. The American Hedgehog

    Twitter 1/11 - Chris joins BronyBabes weight loss challenge

    BronyBabes is a hashtag started by MLP fandom people last week:
  3. JambledUpWords

    DOCTORS APPOINTMENT- diagnosed 12/24/18

    Diagnosis: Bad circulation in legs Sleep apnea Elevated blood pressure What the doctor said according to Amber: You’re healthy, you’re just obese. New goal: Weight loss challenge with other doctors
  4. F

    VCR_WOLFE / Charles Vincent Wolfe / Raichel Wolfe

    VCR_WOLFE, born Raichel Wolfe, goes by Charles Vincent Wolfe or "vinny" for short, has a thread request in proving grounds here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/thread-requests-resources.29888/page-21#post-3112717 The request is a good summary: So to start lets meet Vinny...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Facebook [2017-Sep-21] Chris Literally Thinks Soy Sauce Will Give him Tits

    Important Parts of Disco Thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/twitter-9-21-how-to-grow-larger-breasts.34545/ https://kiwifarms.net/threads/twitter-9-21-how-to-grow-larger-breasts.34545/page-3#post-2619801...
  6. TheGreatCitracett

    Gross Ashleigh Shackelford / ashleighthelion / freefigurerevolution / freefigureorg / The Fat Census

    ~Trap Scholar, Fat Black Femme, Clapback Enthusiast, Afrofuturist, Irregular Nigga Divesting from Gender~ Never made a thread before, but this cow was just too compelling not to. Essential info, courtesy of @Ride: Ashleigh Shackelford DOB: August 20th, 1987 1370 Westboro Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA...
  7. PortsideDave

    Long lost Slaton sister found

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3934046/woman-who-weighs-38-stone-and-has-95-inch-hips-vows-to-pile-on-more-pounds-to-get-the-biggest-hips-ever-even-if-it-kills-her/ All I have to ask is, was it worth the weight?
  8. R

    Dramacow Fat Guy Across America / FGAA / Eric Hites and Angie Hites (nee Atterbury)

    Over a year ago a morbidly obese, chronically unemployed man captured the hearts and imaginations of equally morbidly obese, chronically unemployed reddit users with his tale of being down and out of luck but was ready to take charge and get his life back on track. Eric, (omitting the multiple...
  9. chimpburgers

    NoraReed / Nora Fleck / Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck, Sugar Daddy John Fleck, and the Norasphere

    This thread in a nutshell: Evidence that Nora has a bizarre scooter fetish: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/norareed-nora-fleck-nora-reed-heinemann-fleck-home-of-the-hall-of-randi-harper-a-log-shame.20118/page-71#post-1489107 LIST OF NORA'S TARGETS AND ENEMIES: Based Randi Lee Harper Based...

    Celebrity Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    MAN THE HARPOONS, BOYS! WE HAVE A BIG ONE HERE! So you might be wondering, who the hell is Tess Holliday? According to her Wikipedia page, Tess Holliday or Ryann Maegen Hoven, formerly also known as Tess Munster, is an American plus-size model and a body-positive activist, politically correct...
  11. FifthColumn

    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    Check out Boogie 2988 aka Francis Boogie is a fatass youtuber, who gets upwards of 300,00 views for "pretending to be exceptional." Meet Francis, his stupid ass character
  12. AtroposHeart

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement

    This is not a thread to bash or make fun of fat people. I am a fat person too, but this is to talk about the horror/denial that is fat acceptance. Simply, denying the real links between obesity and health problems and promoting it as a choice. I also notice that most fat acceptance people tend...
  13. PCA

    Careercow Gorgeous George / George Alexander Yarid

    Anybody ever heard of this guy who calls himself Gorgeous George: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Gorgeous_George As you can see he is not too particularly gorgeous. He has a public access show where he proceeds to act like a complete pompous jerk and ends up getting relentless prank...

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