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  1. CIA Nigger

    Connor Goodwolf / David Leroy Ross Jr / Insane Kangaroo / @CGoodwolf

    BREAKING NEWS (5/16/20): Connor was threatening to steal people's fursonas on Facebook. While this is pretty retarded, what happened next was that furries decided to leak more chatlogs of his behavior including evidence Connor might have actually been grooming a 15 year old (and was in contact...
  2. XYZpdq

    Lolcow Christopher J. McGee / Chris McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends

    UPDATE 8/21/2018 (amended 9/8/19) This OP is a continuous WIP put together by @Gook Choy and @Feline Darkmage collecting the info scattered throughout this 280 page & counting monster of a thread. More caps/info coming soon to the OP, the previous OP under a spoiler for posterity reasons...