1. CatParty

    LGBT 02/12/18 chris is open to all kinks and fetishes

  2. Ashley

    Horrorcow The Puritans / Shawn Michael Vest / Shane Ballance / Gerald White & Shannon Rose West

    Update: I've misjudged who the cows were in this situation. It seems the trolls involved are part of a Neo-Nazi group, below noted as the "Puritans", who have sextorted and abused a number of people online, mainly young women. A more detailed look at who they are can be found here. Most...
  3. superthermite

    Lolcow Angry Misanthropist Freak / Tyler Junky / Sheldon Cole

    What do you get when you never grew out of your 2003-era teenage edgelord phase as an adult? You get an Angry Misanthropist Freak. I stumbled upon this guy in a youtube comment section bitching about white people. Looking at his channel I expected some kind of typical boring SJW content, but...
  4. Hellfire

    Horrorcow Timothy Wayne McClelland II / Beau McClelland / Beau99 / QueerCatDubh / TheAwesomeAutie

    Meet Timothy Wayne McClelland II, a pedophile who proclaims himself to be "literally impossible" to dox. Oops. This "literally impossible" to find information has been found! Timothy "Beau" Wayne McClelland II Born September 4th, 1986 Last known location (he lives with his dad): 17216 N 33rd...
  5. Vegemite

    RebelTaxi / Pan Pizza / Pizza Party Podcast

    Some History The Pizza Party Podcast is a podcast that was started by a cringy guy who goes by the name "Pan Pizza," on Youtube and two of his friends named Nolan and Ken. The podcast was originally just talking about the latest in cartoon news. This didn’t last long as the podcast started to...
  6. L

    TomSka / Thomas Ridgewell / @thetomska

    Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell used to be one of the most well known comedy channels in the UK. Internationally his work on the "ASDF" movies is what he's best known for, he's also the voice of the character Tom in the late great Edd Gould's Eddworld series and later took over the show at his best...
  7. redcent

    Manosphere Grotesque / Grotesquesubhuman / Unattractive Failure

    So in the depths of the groups of Incels out there are some of the more sicker folks. One turned up, proud to discuss his fetish for women with acid burns on their face Apparently he had a counsellor who's mother had cancer. What did this fine, sensitive man have to say about such a sad turn...
  8. L

    Horrorcow Preston Ward Condra

    Preston Ward Condra is a YouTuber who uploads multiple videos a day, usually clips from TV shows or him filming his soft toy collection. His online presence is spread out through multiple websites, notably where he seems to have at least some sort of a reputation. Most of the...
  9. MarvinTheParanoidAndroid

    Horrorcow Timothy William Murray / Tim Graf / TimG117 / RealTimGraf117 / RealTimGraf141

    Dead name: Timothy William Murray Current Name: Tim Graf Date of Birth: June 3, 1987 Location: Ridgecrest, California Name: Kelsey Graf Date of Birth: August 7, 1990 Location: Ridgecrest, California Facebook: Timothy William Murray Tim Graf and Kelsey Graf...
  10. Uncle Warren

    Austin "Dustin" Dalgleish / August Yifu / Blumiere / RomulusWulf / BlumTheWolf / DramaHound

    Back in 2010s or so, when your dear sweet fuckwit furfag doxer used to be a stupid furfag himself dancing on rainbows with a babyfur and generally making a faggot out of himself, there was a time where furries still collectively reeled from any form of criticism and ridicule. During this time a...
  11. Feline Darkmage

    Conrad Aaron Collins / Diginée / Digibro / Digibrony / Otaku Gonzo Journalism & the Pro Crastinators Podcast

    Digibro and his girlfriend PantsuParty are both pedophiles. Their new gender identity should never excuse them for being sexually attracted to children. Digibro admits live on air he is aroused by "little girls getting fucked". Digibro tells Mumkey he wants to have a life in solitude with a...
  12. Feline Darkmage

    Cosplay Ashley Bennet / Luvmonkeys / Lucinda Luke / AxelAsh Cosplay / Axel_Gears / Asherbee

    As promised in the Tyquan Kingsberry thread, here's a thread about AxelAsh (powerword: Ashley Bennet). Ash is, as the subtitle on this thread suggests, is an insane person. She has had 5+ threads on Initially I had no idea just how deep Ashley's rabbithole went, as she only ever...
  13. CatParty

    Celebrity Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham is a fat rapist who wishes she had an abortion that just so happened to fall into a starring role on a television show. let's laugh at her.

    Rule 34 Horrors and Oddities

    "Rule 34: If it exists, there's porn of it." After seeing a good number of porn in the DeviantArt horrors, I thought it would be a good idea to complete this sexually deviant Triforce, so here it is. Rounding out the trifecta of DeviantArt and Fanfiction Horrors, Rule 34 is, as the quote above...
  15. Hat

    Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle / Assigned Male / Candycore Comics / Pastel Sexy Times / WafflesArt

    4/2/2016: Transsexual Transtrender activist and public figure Sophie Labelle encourages followers to send death threats to neckbeards on Reddit. Assigned Male Pictured: Old Banner for the Comic's Tumblr Page Assigned Male has...
  16. Meatman

    Artcow Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai 'Shadman' Prejean

    Shadman is a Swiss pedophile ejected from his country after dodging the mandatory service all Swiss men must go through. He was disowned by his mother after drawing porn of her. For some reason, Patreon enables him to rake in thousands of dollars a month producing grotesque pornography. Whether...
  17. DirkBloodStormKing

    Daniel Keem / KEEMSTAR

    First hearing about Keemstar/Drama Alert through the Lionmaker Drama, I decided to see what his content is like. Pretty much, he acts like a tumblrina but without the tumblr, and usually sticks to drama on YouTube and Twitter, his main places of causing drama. While he does have points on people...
  18. Kendrick Lamar

    Torbjörn Simon Andreas Karlsson / @AndreaRitsu / @AndreaReventon / @FeoUltima / Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai Reventon / Tobiichi

    Andrea Ritsu, who some may already know due to the drama surrounding Fire Emblem: Fates, is at first glance your typical transwoman SJW gamer”girl”. S/he's whiny, dramatic, loves to play the victim, and is a creepy sexual deviant. One does not have to dig very deep, however, to discover that...
  19. TheMightyMonarch

    Lolcow Thaddeus McMichael / MadThad0890

    Being a newbie to KiwiFarms, I was actually pretty damn surprised that there was never a MadThad thread on here. Granted, not much is going on these days because of....certain reasons, but for a while, this dude was a goldmine of lulz and creepiness. So who is MadThad anyway? Thaddeus...
  20. wristwatchswisswatch

    Jin / Jin1515 / Matt Beard / RetroYote

    It's very hard to describe this person without calling him a brony or babyfur. His name is Jin (Power word: Matt Beard) a Minnesotan with an unhealthy obsession for the inanimate. He caught wind of the My Little Pony fad during 2012, where he noticed a certain Mary Sue and knew he met his match...