1. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Gabriel Sickel / KhordKitty / KhordiKit / Khordz / ThisIsGabe / PianoKat / Xyniroz / Ghörfn / yiffyiff123 / Deborah Kay Butler / Buttercuppedbun

    DISCLAIMER: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ 160+ PGS IN ORDER TO BE WELL-VERSED ON THE THREAD. ALL RELEVANT INFO HAS BEEN SOURCED IN THE LIST BELOW. DON'T STRAIN YOURSELVES Part 3: Early Life / Washington Heights / Media " Career " / Other Fandom Involvement Part 4: Potential Child & Spousal Abuse Part...
  2. YourUnclesDad

    Graeme Kelly / Irishbrony1988 / @IrishbronyKelly

    Meet Graeme Kelly, a 30 year old brony from Kildare, Ireland. He loves cuddling MLP plushies and seeks a gamer girlfriend. Graeme loves porn, especially MLP porn. He is very active on Twitter and talks almost daily about depression, wanting a girlfriend, and not being a pedophile. "Talking...
  3. EmpireOfTheClouds

    2/21/2019 - Relational Bullying in the Transgender Community

    Some priceless gems in this one. Chimps out about Sabrina yet again. Calls the police yet again. Goes off on some tangent about his shitty rocks.
  4. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley

    Latest News on Bryant: Currently has a warrant issued for his arrest. The warrant was issued January 8th, 2020. Email any tips to the lead detective at: Updates to the Thread: Unfortunately, I didn't realize I'd reached my text limit. See here for...
  5. Burning Fanatic

    Louis Le Vau / Thomas Nelson / TomApollo / Tehblasta / Fuu-sama

    Thomas Nelson is a stereotypical example of an angry misogynist nerd: the kind that enjoys shitting on real women, loves to argue over nothing, and proudly defends loli-art as freedom of expression. He's taken on the identity of Louis Le Vau, similar to how his friend Carl Benjamin adopted the...
  6. Null

    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    Chris Whiteman is a self-avowed pedophile and zoophile. He is currently 25 and dating a 16-year-old female-to-male transsexual named "Benjamin" March. She lives with him at his house in Niagara Falls. Though this is legal in Canada, Whiteman has explained on Twitter he is a "MAP", or a...
  7. Q

    1/8/2019 - Tom wants the Age of Consent lowered to 12

    Vomit and then discuss. For further background, here is Tom admitting to his own activity with children in the past. Here is text of tom talking about the incident. This is the person saying that the A0C should be lowered to 12. Thoughts?
  8. Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

    Living with a female brain and male reproductive organs

    As I understand it, a young , non-white gay man with a tranny fetish who calls himself "chimp burgers" was searching you tube for "gender dysphoria" and discovered my videos talking about it. Then the Kiwi Farms truscums , particularly feline darkmage, dee price and jennfer ajay, started...
  9. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Pkrussl / James Parker Russell / hs2012 / voluptuousvenessa / X3non / ItsMochi / OwOWhatsThis

    Thread Update: 4/22/20 He harbored a pedophile 3/10/20 Due to the text limit of the forums, I've had to make a separate post with more information relating to the OP. You can read more about James here Enter James Meet Pkrussl - a gay furry with severe acne scarring on 80% of his face who...
  10. Null

    WARDAWG / Nathan Crane

    His channels WARDAWG/Follow_@wardawgthegod1_twitter-AlgBxEcCP8U.webm I'm still trying to figure this puzzle out so help me out. I'm writing this on short notice and with time limitations. A while back...
  11. Poiseon

    Knighty / Fimfiction / My Little Fetish / Every Weird Fetish Ever

    This thread is about the Brony Fanfiction site Fimfiction, its owner and founder Knighty, and some of it's more perverted, degenrate users. More will be added as time goes on. For those of you who don't know about Fimfiction, let me give you a quick rundown. Part 1: Introduction Fimfiction...
  12. Null

    Thomas Dall / Kittystyle

    Kittystyle is a streamer who spends 18 hours a day livestreaming himself to a small audience, similar to Narcissa Wright. He professes he has ADHD (a catch-all excuse he uses for his behavior), and appears to have schizotypal symptoms which are exasperated by the THC content in his...
  13. kyle2252

    Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle / likykee1 / dinoman / soft kitty

    MOD EDIT: This post was originally made in the Kothorix thread. It's been moved to its own thread. Enjoy. I actually like Kothorix, he seems like one of the more sane and sensible furries out there. Though not any more I guess, since he left. Smart move.
  14. trannyfucker

    Megathread Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Mod note: This is not the thread for moralfagging, general tranny sperging or dipshit trolling ops. If you engage in any of these, you will be threadbanned. Post actual content instead of bitching. Keep the discussion on Yaniv, not other gross trannies. Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987)...
  15. Hecate

    Tim Slosky / SniffHeinkel / Sniffeh / Sniffindahouse / Darkhusky88

    Tim Slosky (age 41) first came to my attention when the user @Darkhusky88 posted to the farms here:
  16. L

    Dax Herrera / Dick Masterson & The Dick Show, New Project 2

    There's been so much dickscussion in the main forums I'm surprised we haven't got a thread on Dick Masterson's podcast yet. Who here watches the Dick Show?
  17. nonnewtonian

    James Christopher Hoyt / Sangie/Sanguine Nativus / DJ Toboe / Tobyredwolf

    James Christopher Hoyt 7108 Creekside Dr APT C Austin, TX 78752-2159 DOB: Oct 7, 1981 (current age 36) James Christopher Hoyt, or "Sangie Nativus" as he goes in furry circles, is the creator of InkedFur (lewd, possibly NSFW images), a printing company and art hosting site dedicated to furries...
  18. D.Va

    Zoosadist Dylan P. Pleskac / Ember / Emberwolf / Erolass / delta9knight

    Dylan "Emberwolf" Pleskac is one of the many identities implicated through the Zoosadism leaks. Dylan is a frequent attender of furry conventions in the midwest, including MFF, FWA, BLFC and Anthrocon. Zoosadism A chat log between SnakeThing and Emberwolf appears in the Zoosadism leaks. Ember...
  19. Cast Away

    Greg Paul / Gregory Paul / Vlogdad / GP Coming At Ya!

    I’m surprised no one has made a thread on this guy yet, so here we go I guess. Meet Greg Paul. He’s the father of Jake and Logan Paul, two exceptional individuals known for milking their young fanbase for cash and fame. In fact, both of them have a thread on the farms...
  20. nonnewtonian

    Inactive Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing / Nelizar / Nelizar_Neli / Buttne

    UPDATE 3/9/2020: LEVI PLED GUILTY! Today Levi has pled guilty to 6 charges of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the First Degree, and 4 charges of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the second degree. His sentence is 300 straight months in prison, which adds up to 25 years. UPDATE 12/25/2019...