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  1. SpacePanther

    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Your trolling plans probably suck. Before you break the law to piss Werner off, read this: This is Lucas Werner, a 37 year old, homeless liberal atheist that is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. What exactly qualifies this man as a horrowcow? Werner has an obsession with wanting to bang...

    Horrorcow James Terry Mitchell Jr / violetlanternwerewolf / werewolf2814 / 2814werewolf / Ouchdaddy

    MOD NOTE: NEW VIDEO IS HERE Daily reminder: James Terry Mitchell Jr lives in 2004 South Walnut St., Muncie, Indiana 47302 Also, check the Lolcow Wiki article linked above before everything. Or check this Google Docs file...
  3. Internet War Criminal

    Richard "Terra" Jones / Fire / Buffalo Bill / Lightning Princess / Leslie Eclaire / Stilanas

    @Smutley made the original KF thread in the ADF subforum but this particular rabbit gloryhole goes back far deeper, back to 2002 when he registered an account under the name Fire on the Something Awful forums. He was wildly mocked there for his extremist tendencies and love of underage anime...
  4. Meatman

    Artcow Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai 'Shadman' Prejean

    Shadman is a Swiss pedophile ejected from his country after dodging the mandatory service all Swiss men must go through. He was disowned by his mother after drawing porn of her. For some reason, Patreon enables him to rake in thousands of dollars a month producing grotesque pornography. This is...
  5. chimpburgers

    Ethan Oliver Ralph / TheRalphRetort / Rad Roberts / Jcaesar187 / "Killstream" / "Tequila Sunrise"

    Ethan Ralph, host of the #Killstream, has published revenge pornography of his 18-year-old girlfriend. If you are associates with Ralph, he collects dirt on you to blackmail you with forever. If you date Ralph, he will humiliate you and violate your dignity to win Internet cool points. If you...
  6. José Mourinho

    Inactive Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston / CattyN

    Andrew Dobson is a self-described cartoonist, and a social justice hanger-on with an extensive 10 + year history of being an unpleasent asshole online. Andrew Dobson’s primary selling point is his artwork. Despite attending MCAD and receiving a BFA in animation, Dobson has yet to put it to use...
  7. José Mourinho

    Inactive Sarah Nyberg / @srhbutts / Sarah Butts / Nicholas Nyberg

    Note: This is a thread about Sarah Butts. For his insane white knights, check the thread here. [02:44] <Sarah> most people that look at lolicon aren’t pedophiles. Surprised that he hasn't had a thread here, so let's get moving on this infamous dogfucker! :julay: Pretty much anyone who...
  8. Cable 7

    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    If you've been browsing the "Obscure Laughingstocks" thread, you may have come by a post detailing a DA user by the name of Chibiyama. She's quite the infamous user on DA, with her infamy being along the lines of Illicitvirus115 (who is another story for later). Chibi is a 25 year old autistic...
  9. TheMightyMonarch

    Lolcow Thaddeus McMichael / MadThad0890

    Being a newbie to KiwiFarms, I was actually pretty damn surprised that there was never a MadThad thread on here. Granted, not much is going on these days because of....certain reasons, but for a while, this dude was a goldmine of lulz and creepiness. So who is MadThad anyway? Thaddeus...
  10. XYZpdq

    Lolcow Christopher J. McGee / Chris McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends

    UPDATE 8/21/2018 (amended 9/8/19) This OP is a continuous WIP put together by @Gook Choy and @Feline Darkmage collecting the info scattered throughout this 280 page & counting monster of a thread. More caps/info coming soon to the OP, the previous OP under a spoiler for posterity reasons...
  11. MayMay

    Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse

    Introduction Melanie Herring (current legal name: Ash Hazel Woods) is an infamous furry webcomic artist who was most commonly known by the moniker PurpleKecleon (now 'GlitchedPuppet). She made her mark as furry porn artist as early as 2005, plaguing oeaki boards with Pokemon and Sonic porn, as...
  12. Ryan Rash

    Horrorcow Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubian

    For the uninitiated, Bryon Beubian, better known as Psyguy, is a big ol' honking bag of scum. He single-handedly pioneered the "gay pedophile Sonic" genre of webcomics (if that ain't a mortal sin, it should be), his artwork is marginally better than Chris, and he's an abusive womanizing sack of...
  13. Duke Crabtree

    Matthew Moulton / Onideus Mad Hatter

    Surprised I haven't seen a thread on this clown yet. Also waiting for the day he decides to take up residence in the current form of the forums.
  14. boat_rocker

    Dramacow Amanda/Amari Turcol / LadyALT69 / Manda-Tee / Amarithenonbinary / Amaribabe93 / AmariStrawberry

    Remember how Chris Chan always wanted a twin sister? How he desperately pleaded to God above to give him one, it seems that his prayers were answered and now the rest of us have to suffer, even the cow herself has said that she is his soul twin. She's fat, autistic, narcissistic, entitled...
  15. Snorlaxative


    [Mod Edit: This OP is trash but the thread is pretty good. This will be fixed soon.] Has anyone observed the infamous Pamperchu? He gives Chris a run for his money by stealing dirty diapers from the trash, microwaving them, and wearing them.