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  1. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Stephanie Josephine Fritsch / Stephan Joseph Fritsch

    (Stephanie when he opens up to find @Thomas Jay Wasserberg is a pedo) Name: Stephanie Josephine Fritsch Deadname: Stephen Joseph Fritsch Aliases: fritschsj, Stepanie1244 Occupation: Retired (formerly a prostitute) DOB: 08/06/1964 Links...
  2. Null

    Inactive Alison Rapp / Maria Mint / 123grapeman

    Here is a story on this person from John Kelly. Here's what I can piece together. She believes possession of CP, be it real or simply drawn/animated, should not be criminalized. She thinks Age of Consent should be lower than 18, and that 17 year-olds should not legally be considered...
  3. acrylicpaint

    Trainwreck Margaret / Margo Palermo / Margit Neuenschwander

    MOD EDIT: New OP written by @polexiaaphrodesia give her a round of applause. EDIT2: Timeline of events: Margaret Palermo is the narcissistic, manipulative, and unstable stage mother and ex-manager of Venus Angelic, a YouTube personality known for her distinct “living doll”, pseudo-Japanese...