1. Jaimas

    Careercow Munroe Bergdorf

    "One more time. Racism is a system that ALL white benefit from. Nobody is above or exempt. Regardless of how non-racist u consider yrself. Nobody is exempt from social conditioning or systemic racism. You can unlearn and be an ally but that doesn't mean you don't benefit from it." Munroe...
  2. Feline Darkmage

    Ryan Faulk / The Alternative Hypothesis / People's Veto / @thealthype / Stodles / FringeElements

    Meet Ryan Faulk of Sacremento, California. Ryan Faulk is a lolcow with a lengthy history of drama and attention whoring, leaving autism everywhere in his wake. He is 1/16th "negro", homosexual, and has "mild autism" otherwise known as Asperger's Syndrome. He grew up in a military family, so...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Dramacow Blair Brown / Blair Imani / Litebrite / Equality for HER

    Where have I seen something like this before? Bio: Name: Blair Imani Birth Name: Blair Elizabeth Brown Residence: New York City, New York Occupation: "Activist" Born in California Pictured right-hand side The black kids in school would call her Litebrite because this bitch is light af. Blair...
  4. Jaimas

    Waypoint and the Waypoint Forums

    Special thanks to @CatParty, who was absolutely right in insisting this could and should be thread. Waypoint, for the uninitiated, is the rebranded form of VICE Gaming. VICE Gaming's rebrand took place on December of 2016, while hiring or maintaining pretty much the exact same people as who it...
  5. Jewed Hunter

    Plagued Satanic Vampire Neo-Nazis (Atomwaffen Division & Siegeculture)

    The Attomwaffen Division is a group formed by IronMarch. It is led by a man who calls himself RAPE SiegeCulture is a Nazi website dedicated on making articles on why Charles Manson did nothing wrong. Forget Hitler we're going Helter Skelter. www.siegeculture.com...
  6. Feline Darkmage

    Lolcow Anthony L. Figueroa / Tony Figg / The Bronx Blogger / BronxJusticeWarrior

    https://twitter.com/ChrisRGun/status/929205858608693248 http://archive.li/uhPNo https://twitter.com/thebronxblogger (currently locked as of posting) https://www.youtube.com/user/tonyfigg https://curiouscat.me/BronxBlogger (largely inactive, only 2 posts) Anthony Figueroa, better known as...
  7. Feline Darkmage

    Melanoid Nation

    "Another popular term in their community is “Snowflake”. A term from the days of World War II Germany, used by Nazi soldiers when referring to the remains of those incinerated in concentration camps. " - Some exceptional snowflake pulling shit from their ass, 2017 http://melanoidnation.org/...
  8. sarek

    /r/aznidentity & /r/asianmasculinity

    Since we have an /r/incels and /r/hapas thread and various threads regarding TRP activists, the time has come to introduce a new clusterfuck of a community. Asianmasculinity is a subdivision of TRP and was founded by an Asian TRP member. It's mainly discussing how to become an "alpha" male, how...
  9. TheGreatCitracett

    Gross Ashleigh Shackelford / ashleighthelion / freefigurerevolution / freefigureorg / The Fat Census

    ~Trap Scholar, Fat Black Femme, Clapback Enthusiast, Afrofuturist, Irregular Nigga Divesting from Gender~ Never made a thread before, but this cow was just too compelling not to. Essential info, courtesy of @Ride: Ashleigh Shackelford DOB: August 20th, 1987 1370 Westboro Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA...
  10. Feline Darkmage

    Cultural Appropriation on Tumblr

    So, to hop onto the train of "X on Tumblr" format threads, I dove into the tags for a rather popular tumblr lolcow obsession. Buckle up you shitlords and shitladies, because we're taking a drive through "cultural appropriation" as tumblr sees it. Basically when they complain about CA its...
  11. Long Sun

    Manosphere Theodore "Teddy" Beale / Vox Day / Vox Popoli / Teddy Spaghetti

    So Teddy Beale generates alot of content what sets him apart from most ultra Right blogs are: 1)his ego which can seen from space, always bragging about his IQ and how smart his children are. also his pen name is taken from Vox Dei 2) his fight to make people believe his wife is totally real...

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