1. Jack Haywood

    Lolcowery/Drama brewing in r/MBTI BONUS...
  2. Cosmos

    r/dogfree and r/ifuckinghatecats

    A couple of years ago, I made a thread on Reddit's r/childfree community, where people (who range from those who simply don't want children to full-blown child-haters) congregate to bitch about breeders. As shitty as that subreddit can be, I understand the reason for its existence. People who...
  3. neural


    In any situation with potential legal ramifications, most normal people would immediately call a lawyer, maybe call some friends beforehand and mostly keep those affairs to themselves. Redditors, however, are most definitely not normal people, and in fact love broadcasting their legal drama to...
  4. UncleMoeLester


    What do you get when you mix "Cringe culture" with the beliefs of both the far right and sjws? Well you get the autistic shithole known as /r/cringeanarchy. The Cringe Certainty Rundown One of the main gimmicks of this subreddit is that they do not enforce the rules(until one of the autistic...
  5. proteus4994

    Q-anon community: r/CBTS_Stream, /cbts/, /thestorm/, etc

    So if you haven't been following this, and I don't blame you if you haven't, there's a poster on 4chan who calls himself "Q". New York Magazine did a pretty good writeup that I'll steal chunks of so I don't have to retype this shit out myself...
  6. 2odastream


    TrollX wins the award for the most radical change in a subreddit, ever. Originally used to post gender-swapped memes and rage comics, in recent years turned into a wretched hive of SJWs and virtue signalling. Constantly causing drama, falling for trolls, shilling for basic bitch feminism and...
  7. DickMcslick


    Recently with the release of Battlefront 2 there has been a lot of discussion regarding the lootboxes in the game. Perhaps it's somewhat of an overreaction to a video game controversy and people could focus on more productive things instead. What should they do instead? Clearly the answer is to...
  8. Darwin Watterson


    I thought a lot about whether or not this deserved its own thread, or if I should have just necroed the general ABDL thread. There are several different adult baby subreddits, but the one that produces the most content that isn't just gross fanfiction is r/ABDL, and it has an active enough...
  9. Crunchy Leaf


    r/polyamory is what you get when you combine cuckoldry, SJWs, anti-SJWs, fake bisexuality, a complete lack of understanding of social norms, and overbearing smugness into one very unfortunate subreddit. What Polyamory Is Having romantic relationships with more than one person. It is not having...
  10. Jarilo182

    r/liberal_logic The dude posting most of the shit on there: Honestly this is one of the worst political subreddits I've ever seen, mainly populated by a single old man who spams his memes all over other subreddits. Here are...
  11. sarek

    /r/aznidentity & /r/asianmasculinity

    Since we have an /r/incels and /r/hapas thread and various threads regarding TRP activists, the time has come to introduce a new clusterfuck of a community. Asianmasculinity is a subdivision of TRP and was founded by an Asian TRP member. It's mainly discussing how to become an "alpha" male, how...
  12. Real Mayun

    Reddit's Trans Community

    Reddit's trans community is notable for "sucking in" people, circlejerking about how great it is to be trans, and enabling people. Some notable subreddits:
  13. odius

    /r/imgoingtohellforthis has been the site's premier community for 10 year olds who think that yelling the word "nigger" is a form of high comedy for the past five years are so. Most of the mods are exceptional autists who still have the sense of humor of their aforementioned...
  14. Cosmos


    It's no secret that Reddit is infested with godless Commies. /r/Shitliberalssay, /r/Socialism, and /r/communism are just a few examples. But I think I've found the true creme of the crap: /r/LateStageCapitalism. Unlike the aforementioned subs, LSC is actually a pretty huge presence, with nearly...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    Community r/BeautyGuruChatter BeautyGuruChatter is a subreddit that was brought to our attention in the ThriftThick thread due to their part in the drama surrounding her being accused of Racism. She is one of the sub's biggest topics alongside Jeffrey Starr. Instead of just being...
  16. Pointless Pedant

    /r/shitliberalssay Contrary to what you might expect, this isn't run by /r/the_donald. This is actually a communist subreddit accusing liberals of not being authoritarian enough to stop the fascist menace. I'll start with some drama from a few days ago. /r/drama user...
  17. Mr Zero

    Infected /r/The_Donald

    Where to begin? /r/TheDonald is the unofficial subbreddit for U.S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump It's famous for being the largest Pro-Trump community on Reddit even having an AMA with Trump himself and other Trump supporters such as Alex Jones. Ontop of that it is by far one of the most...
  18. Cricket

    Infected r/KotakuinAction & their ResetERA, r/KotakuInAction2 (KiA)

    (Special thanks to @Skymiss and @Ntwadumela for combing through the horrors of weeaboo hell with me on this one!) Welcome to Kotaku in Action, the wannabe home of Gamergate! One of the basic claims of this Reddit subforum is that they are...
  19. Cosmos


    In recent years, more and more young people are deciding that parenthood really isn't for them and so decide to remain childfree. Many of them receive a lot of blowback from the people around them for their decision, which is understandably frustrating. So they turn to online forums for support...
  20. Steve Mayers

    Plagued (Previously known as /r/incels)

    Infamous lolcow mod of /r/truecels has created yet another subreddit in response to /r/truecels being quarantined. Containing yet more victimhood woe is me rules. Infamous mod caamib aka Marijan Siklic whines that he was temp banned from Reddit. Set's his requirements for modding including...

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