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  1. Null

    Trashfire Adam Kovic & Ryan Haywood (The Dead Pixel / Koko / Pikovic, and James Ryan Haywoood / Iron Ryan / The Mad King / Vagabond)

    Adam Kovic There are allegations that this Google Drive containing over 400 photos and videos are of Adam Kovic, a prominent RoosterTeeth employee of Inside Gaming and Funhaus fame. They range from non-nude photos in the mirror to videos of him fellating sex toys, including one that looks like...
  2. Pizdec

    Roosterteeth / Achievement Hunter / Let's Play / Funhaus / Inside Gaming

    Update (10/04/2020): So Ryan Haywood of Achievment Hunter and Adam Kovik of FunHaus have both been outed as sex pests. If you're interested in this information, feel free to view the thread for it here. If you're here to post anything RoosterTeeth related, please ARCHIVE IT, as RoosterTeeth is...
  3. Random Internet Person

    Death Battle

    Death Battle is a web show that began in 2010 on ScrewAttack. Created by Ben Singer, the show features fictional characters fighting to the death to see who would win based on extensive research, similar to how Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior would test the weapon's of history's greatest fighters...
  4. Fougaro


    NOTE: This is a containment thread for sperging about the show itself and, if you so desire, the behind the scenes homosexual deviancy regarding Rooster Teeth that is unrelated to either Vic Mignogna or the Weeb Wars for which we have an entire sub-forum over there. What started initially as...
  5. mindlessobserver

    Weeb Wars / AnimeGate / #KickVic / #IStandWithVic / #vickicksback

    Please keep this thread for general discussion on the drama or the presentation of new information/personalities. Existing cows related to this drama have their own threads and discussion about them or posting of their latest social media rants should go into those locations. This OP has been...
  6. G

    The Achievement Hunter fandom

    Achievement Hunter is a YouTube gaming video/let's play collective that operates as a branch of Rooster Teeth, a machinima studio most famous for the Halo-based Red vs. Blue series. With the popularity of an established brand backing them, affable personalities and a sense of humor that's at...