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  1. Fougaro


    NOTE: This is a containment thread for sperging about the show itself and, if you so desire, the behind the scenes homosexual deviancy regarding Rooster Teeth that is unrelated to either Vic Mignogna or the Weeb Wars for which we have an entire sub-forum over there. What started initially as...
  2. samuraicrack

    Another RWBY game

    kill me
  3. Johnny 13 gun

    Cosplay Nicole "Sheena" Duquette "Oum"

    Up until the events of today, I wasn't sure if Sheena truly deserved a thread. A 36-page "open letter" that paints her as the poor, poor victim by an evil, evil company proves that she is, though. Let's begin. OVERVIEW: Sheena was born as Nicole Duquette as a Canadian citizen. She secretly...