1. ɐɔᴉlǝƃu∀

    safespacing special snowflakes on the farm.

    "Lolcows tend to thrive in communities with like-minded people who do not criticize their behavior." oh the Irony... As kiwifarm mauds dash to safe-spaces spergie echo chamber, for their special snowflake damsels in distress! XD WTF! Seriously now? I provide informative input and when a kid...
  2. José Mourinho

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    RESETERA BAN LIST UPDATE ON THE SHITSTORM: Burn, baby, burn. Start here to know what is going on, to tl;dr the site owner was accused of sexual assault, moderators and admins jumped ship and forum is in pure chaos. UPDATE: Evilore has made a statement about this shitstorm Wikipedia on...