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  1. damian

    Sea Salt Mine

    This thread is dedicated to the smug hot takes about the Vic Mignogna lawsuit. 04/18/2019 - ROUND 1 - Vic Mignogna v Funimation / jamie Marchi / Monica Rial / Ron Toye Even with >$100K in a War Chest and a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" Law Firm led by Ty "FEAR THE" Beard representing Vic Mignogna...
  2. Gorgar

    Pirates of the Caribbean Bride Scene Change

    Last week, the Bride Scene was changed at the Pirates of The Caribbean for Walt Disney World. Basically, the Redhead is now a gunslinger and is auctioning stolen loot instead of being an available bride. The scene change was not because of current times, cough cough But it was because the...
  3. A

    Chris Pratt asks followers to pray for Kevin Smith

    The actor Chris Pratt has a bit of a history of generating stupid controversies, and today he really delivered. Kevin Smith tweeted earlier today that he had a massive heart attack (thread here), and Pratt responded with this tweet: Pretty innocuous, right? WRONG. Fedoras immediately began...
  4. RichardMongler


    Tattoo-riddled white rapper Tom MacDonald released a song called "Whiteboy" whose lyrics plainly state that not all white people should automatically be considered racist on account of being white. And, boy, are people fucking salty: Katie Way from Babe was among the first to write about...
  5. H

    Ugandan Knuckles Meme Salt

    So theres this meme of people as Knuckles in VR chat who speak in Ugandan Accents, stemming from this video Now triggered furries and sjws on Twitter are calling this meme racist and offensive to African people. I hope this escalates further...
  6. Pop-Tart

    Plagued Super Smash Bros. Community

    So this has been a long time coming, and this is a extensive topic. But it must be done. In order to set the mood and give some idea of scale. I will most likely miss a lot as there has been a lot recorded in regards to this community. Two known big autists in the smash community are...
  7. Neil

    VideoGameDunkey's "Game Critics" Salt

    So, internet funny man, VideoGameDunkey made a video making fun of video game journalists/reviewers. Now, any average everyday internet autist would go, "Hey, it's a video from some random Youtuber. Okay." But game developers are not your average everyday internet autist. They're advanced...
  8. R

    Mukbang YouTubers

    Thin South Koreans popularized eating large meals live on webcam while interacting with their online audiences via chat. This has since been perverted by American youtubers to binge, film a monologue and make a permanent record of their highly disordered eating, all while cajoling to their...
  9. Anonimo

    Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad / Akkad Daily / The Thinkery / @not_sargon / @WarPlanPurple

    Ok, this thread is probably going to be a divisive one, and I'm hoping it doesn't devolve into troll shielding or something like that. What can be said about this guy? He is a British Youtuber who is notorious for making many videos that complain about SJWs or whatever groups fall under that...
  10. CatParty kinda of a wikipedia for all metal bands. and i mean ALL. a fun game is to hit "random band" and rejoice in the lols that the band pages bring
  11. C

    WingsofRedemption / Jordie Jordan

    For those who don't know, there is a YouTube gamer named WingsofRedemption, real name Jordie Jordan. Wings/Jordie is a 28-year-old from South Carolina who posts gameplay videos and commentaries centering around Activision's Call of Duty franchise. He also posts personal VLogs about himself, his...