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    Matthew Patrick / "MatPat" / @MatPatGT / The Game Theorists / The Film Theorists

    I know there were a few threads about him before that got locked, but I think the situation around this guy might have changed a bit. Most of the backstory behind this person was already covered in the last thread, so I don't want to repeat all the same shit and beat around the bush, but I'm...
  2. chimpburgers

    Matt Myers / @M_M_Myers / "Matt, Nerdy Skull" / @M_Nerdskull

    MOD EDIT: Matt loves to discredit this thread by calling us Nazis who make up stories about him being a sex pest or a sexual harasser, but evidence exists that strongly suggest that he is exactly that, and he's done nothing to disprove it aside from claiming that he couldn't possibly be a sex...