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  1. Feline Darkmage

    TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al

    Update: The past month has not been kind to Michaud & the Walker Brothers. A 70 page document hosted on google docs by Lupa & other former CA contributors paints a picture of massive decade-spanning incompetence...
  2. Ginger Piglet

    Horrorcow Philip Sutcliffe / Fiona Cooper / Chloé Cooper

    Those of you (@Tennis Monkey for example, whose reference to remembering this person's activities inspired this thread) who viewed pr0n in Britain pre-internets will no doubt have come across a company calling itself Fiona Cooper. The spiel was that Fiona Cooper was a rather MILFy half-French...
  3. CatParty

    Inactive John S. Bulla / @Paul45thomas / @BullaStephen / @StephenBulla

    i found this guy while doing random twitter searches. he seems to be some strange christian tweeter, but yet has a crush on hillary duff. he also has an attraction sign and loves to post his dox
  4. chimpburgers

    Matt Myers / @M_M_Myers / "Matt, Nerdy Skull" / @M_Nerdskull

    Here's another monkey I want to make dance. It's been a bit since the last Gamergate related thread I made, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to bring attention to this loser too. What do you need to know about him? Like many of these cucks, KotakuInAction did a lot of the work for us. He's...
  5. Lensherr

    TGWTG Dan Olson / Folding Ideas

    Dan Olson, also known by his pseudonym Folding Ideas, is a pseudo-intellectual hipster SJW who makes unintelligible word-salads he calls videos. In addition to the spergery he vomits out on YouTube and Twitter, he also is guilty of possession of child pornography as per Canadian law (the land...
  6. chimpburgers

    Gangster Popeye / Rain Terranova / Rainer Terranova-Shoaf

    ScarletJusticeWitch recently made this insane rant about the Kiwi Farms and brought up how there were people who didn't like her friend Gangster Popeye's Facebook page. I had never even heard of this loser before she brought him up and when I was going through her bullshit page, so fuck her...
  7. PCA

    Careercow Gorgeous George / George Alexander Yarid

    Anybody ever heard of this guy who calls himself Gorgeous George: As you can see he is not too particularly gorgeous. He has a public access show where he proceeds to act like a complete pompous jerk and ends up getting relentless prank...