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  1. Meiwaku

    What Offends You The Most About Nick?

    What is the ultimate MATI for you? What absolutely makes you unable to respect him? He has done a lot in his "career" so it may be hard to find just one instance. Is it an ideology? An opinion? One specific action he did? Please tell us what offends you the most about Nick and elaborate in...
  2. EyelessMC

    Alfred Kinsey

    Pictured below is Alfred Charles Kinsey, the man known today--by those who do know him--as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution", the man whose work changed the world. He even had his own movie made about him starring Liam Neeson: However, you might be more familiar with the name from the...
  3. Ellesse_warrior

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    Robert Paul Champagne is an artist and adult entertainer turned YouTuber and aspiring talk show host from New York, based in Harlem. The best way to introduce RPC and get a feel of the...
  4. Null

    Thread Requests & Resources

    If you know of someone that is probably worthy of a thread, post names here with links to relevant content. It's also a good idea to suggest a board to place it in. We're still not a personal army. If there's nothing funny about a person, no one will make a thread for you. Thread Resources...
  5. Stephanie Bustcakes

    Thirstiest Lolcow

    Who do you think is the thirstiest cow? I'm gonna put John S. Bulla out there to start. What say you?
  6. Secret Asshole

    The Origin of Gender Roles and Gender Fluidity

    I've been thinking about doing this thread for awhile, and with the latest Google debacle on Gender, Gender Roles and Gender itself, I feel like its never been more appropriate. This thread is really fucking long, since I just don't want to regurgitate a wikipedia article. Just an advanced...
  7. Lensherr

    Double Standards Relating to Male and Female Sexuality

    Videos like the ones above got me thinking about this topic and why these double standards exist. I've noticed this before whenever the media gets in a outrage over a female movie or video game character wearing a skimpy outfit (which I'd go as far as to liken to slut shaming), yet raises no...