1. TheGreatCitracett

    Ashleigh Shackelford / Hunter "Hunty" Ashleigh / huntythelion / freefigurerevolution / freefigureorg / The Fat Census

    ~Trap Scholar, Fat Black Femme, Clapback Enthusiast, Afrofuturist, Irregular Nigga Divesting from Gender~ UPDATE 1/20/20: Ashleigh has changed her name to Hunter "Hunty" Ashleigh in keeping with her current fake trans/nonbinary identity and has adopted they/them pronouns. Never made a...
  2. Munchingonfish

    FaceApp salt

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Russian developer Wireless Lab launches an update to their popular mobile digital photo editor FaceApp. The app is well known for allowing users to force photos into smiles, look older and younger and even allowing you to look like the opposite sex. This update adds...

    Post SJW insults “You're a chauvinistic, mansplaining, islamophobic WASP!” “You're a misogynistic, elitist, transphobic Protestant!” “You're a white, close-minded, cisgendered colonialist!”
  4. CWCissey

    Doctor Who salt

    The 13th Doctor will be announced after the Wimbledon Mens final later today. With the casting expected to be a woman, this is one of those rare events where salt is to be expected no matter the results.

    Dramacow ProtoMagicalGirl / Jaret Ross / Alexis Ross / @PrincessProto / littledrummergirl / littledrummerboy

    To the new viewers from AGDQ, welcome to the most comprehensive thread that exists on our 'favorite' announcer. Please enjoy your stay, and by all means, feel free to share you own experiences with this individual. Below is a quick summary of this thread. He's a diaper fetishist His therapist...
  6. Feline Darkmage

    Dramacow Kevin Peterson / The1Janitor / T1J

    Links: Article w/ his powerword Twitter Youtube Curious Cat I've been seeing this guy pop up multiple times in the SJW vs Anti-SJW lolcow wars that I've been following for quite a while with increasing frequency. And for full disclosure I even follow him on twitter because I find his...
  7. Feline Darkmage

    Community r/BeautyGuruChatter BeautyGuruChatter is a subreddit that was brought to our attention in the ThriftThick thread due to their part in the drama surrounding her being accused of Racism. She is one of the sub's biggest topics alongside Jeffrey Starr. Instead of just being...
  8. PhantomDiploma

    Dramacow Coraline Ada Ehmke / Corey Dale Ehmke

    There has been a push by social justice warriors to impose codes of conduct on open source projects. This would not be much of an issue if it was limited to fairly resolving disputes within the community. At worst it would be considered redundant, because most projects large enough for this to...
  9. Yellow Shirt Guy

    Susie Green & Mermaids UK

    This is an organization headed by Susie Green that encourages parents, even doctors some have even lied to encourage children as young as 3 to become transgender, queer that nonbinary shit started in the UK, They do this in the name of "expression" and let them be themselves, but it's coercion...
  10. Feline Darkmage

    David Sherratt / Spinosauruskin / "Shitrat" / Hardon for Assad / Alternative Facts / @discordspies

    Update: King of discord ops has now become so big brained that its actually a good thing that St Jude isn't getting money raised by Ethan from the Arby's Retort. Meet Spinosauruskin (powerword: David Sherratt), Twitter Youtube He's a 19-year-old Men's Rights Activist and MGTOW supporter that...
  11. G

    Dramacow Emily Rose Nauert / Emily Marshall / Louise Rosealma / Venus Rosales / Moldylocks / "ANTIFA Girl"

    Here are Emily Nauert/Louise Roseama's nudes. credit to @Cuck Norris on the video A hairy woman fetish site owns the copyright to these videos, so if you'd like to see more I'll redirect you to her profile on their site.
  12. TheImportantFart

    hbomberguy / Harry "Harris" Brewis / Slazenger Rapemachine Whiteshaf

    HARRY BREWIS HAS BEEN OUTED AS A CREEP AND AN APOLOGIST FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT See here for details This guy's been brought up a few times in the Let's Players originating from Something Awful thread and a couple of other places. Some people suggested giving him a thread, but I was initially...
  13. Cypheras

    Ashley Lynch / Sean MacLaggan / Media Offline

    Twitter: Other Twitter: Vimeo: Website: Film School Rejects: I will continue to update the OP as I find more on her, suprised there...
  14. Lensherr

    MrTardisReviews / TrilbeeReviews / William Carlisle

    So me and some other Kiwis were hanging out in the MovieBob thread when the subject of his sycophantic followers came up, and one of them just happened to this guy. William Carlisle, for those unaware, is an internet film "critic" who spergs about movies online. What sets this guy apart from...
  15. CatParty

    Celebrity Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham is a fat rapist who wishes she had an abortion that just so happened to fall into a starring role on a television show. let's laugh at her.
  16. BlueChan

    Let's Players originating from Something Awful

    There was some interest in this thread in the discussion about the site as a whole, so here we are. (And yes, many of these are related to Retsupurae.) Lolcows: Not quite/inactive lolcow(s): Not really SA-related but holy shit: Misc. To sum everything up,
  17. TakeDownMan

    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    Before I begin let me be clear on feelings on Maddox Pre-Podcasting with an ED quote: "Maddox (powerword George Ouzounian) is one of the pioneers of internet trolling, flaming, and unwarranted self importance." Maddox before becoming a Podcaster was great, unfortunately when you try and make...
  18. Brandobaris

    TGWTG Nostalgia Chick / Lindsay Ellis / TheDudette

    Lindsay Carole Ellis, Born November 24th 1984 in Johnson City TN. Only Child. Currently resides in Astoria, New York. Former Channel Awesome contributor, Comedy Pop Culture critic, Writer, Editor, Film and Theatre "critic" Lindsay grew up around Roan mountain of the Appalachian Mountains, a...
  19. Jaimas

    Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

    Previous Threads: Thread 01: Thread 02: Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Wu Now: Brianna...
  20. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Justin Dennis / Riley Jay Dennis

    So I was thinking about this in the Milo Stewart thread that this one here deserved a thread. Much of the post is the work of @McRascal Goodreads profile. His goodreads profile. Apparently he wrote a trilogy of generic YA fantasy. From what I can read of it on the previews and the reviews...