skylar ittner

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    2018-12-10 - Skylar Ittner: Complaining about

    Reporter: Anonymous Reported URLs: Logs or Evidence of Abuse: The operator of an online forum, Kiwi Farms, a site devoted to harassing and slandering people, registered and is using Cloudflare to redirect it to a URL containing a mixture of false...
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    2017-11-17 - Skylar Ittner: "Copyright notice"

    tl;dr: trying to claim copyright on screenshots of written text (lol), trying to file dmca without legal return servicing address (lol), using Disposition-Notification-To to try and get a notification when i open the email to prove servicing (lol), threatening legal action over content worth...
  3. Tempest

    Lolcow Skylar Ittner / Keep Carroll Catholic / skylarmt / / Skylar the Troll Master

    Skylar Ittner, pictured below, is a habitually reckless and malicious person whose contempt for personal responsibility is only rivaled by his contempt for homosexuals. He was removed from a Catholic college for harassing its gay students and then the college staff itself after being instructed...