1. Lysenko

    Snowflake Courtney Thompson / chronically.court / CC / Court Thompson

    Courtney Thompson is a young woman from Colorado, USA. She claims to have several illnesses brought about from a "vaccine injury" from the HPV vaccine. In addition to being an anti-vaxxer, Court posts glamour photos of her suffering from her "ailments" on Instagram for attention. Most of posts...
  2. Lysenko

    Snowflake Aubrey Ahna / Aubs / aubreys.healing.journey / Aubrey Winkie

    Aubrey Ahna (nee Aubrey Winkie,) is a young woman with Munchausen's who protrays her life online as a virtual medical soap opera your mom watched in the 80s. She gets triggered when the doctors don't give her exactly what she wants, then goes on angry rants about them on Instagram Stories. Aubs...
  3. A

    Lolcow Terry Carl Bone / Kit Bone / Kit B Witchery / nonbinaryfaeriewitch / cherrythegoodwitch

    Terry Bone is fat faggot from Georgia, who says he is a femme queer nonbinary transgirl, who is also a working witch, healer, empath, and spiritual medium. He spends all his time either shaving his extremely hairy body or trying to scam people with his witchcraft "services." More pictures...
  4. Feline Darkmage

    Inactive Chronically Jaquie / Jaquie Beckwith / Jaquie Blake, Husband Judd Beckwith, & Helper Dog Harlow

    Meet Chronically Jaquie, ascendant queen of the spoonies. She faked illnesses until she actually made herself sick, and then she passed away this morning due to complications from an unnecessary and extremely invasive type of feeding tube. Name: Jaquelin Isabel Beckwith (nee Blake) Born: March...
  5. Oscar Wildean

    Trainwreck Angie / Anqi / Angi Dong (skagra) / Skagra3482

    Meet Angie Dong, local online Spoonie con artist who has been begging for large amounts of cash online for about four years. She makes a living off of begging for money while claiming that she'll end up on the streets and die if she doesn't get funds from strangers online. If you don't fund her...
  6. Petronella

    Community Munchausen's by Internet (Malingerers, Munchies, Spoonies, etc)

    [OP provided by @Kate Farms Shill, @Feline Darkmage, @MunchOff, and @Ellesse_warrior. Thank you! :feels:] The Basics: Munchausen's Syndrome is a psychiatric disorder listed in the DSM. The disease causes the sufferer to draw attention or reassurance to themselves (whether this effort is...

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