taking down kiwi farms

  1. Marigold_Souci

    Trainwreck Laur Trueman / RVT01

    Lillee Jean is a wannabe actress/model/famous anything with a batshit insane mother that rivals the likes of Margo. Lillee and her mother’s antics have been documented on Lolcow recently and it has already produced great milk. Who is Lillee Jean? Lillee is an 18 year old “beauty blogger,” with...
  2. The American Hedgehog

    11/18 - Chris's Twitter posts a video of him jacking off

    So this is a video of Chris jacking off while singing All Star, that was posted to Chris's Twitter, then deleted a couple minutes later. The direct link to the Twitter video should still work, but I also grabbed it and attached it to this post. This might be the original Idea Guys back again...
  3. AnOminous

    Alexandria Christina Leal / Alex Christopher Leal / Alyx C. Leal / BinaryVixen899 / _KimmyMars / CheerleadingJaguar / desertfox899

    Meet Alexander Christopher Leal, a 21 year old idiot at University of Washington Foster, a business school. He is one of the many people discovered through his responses to Nora Reed’s incessant blithering and stalking of Randi Harper. He is easily as much of an attention whore as she is...