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  1. francesco

    Horrorcow Erica Raelene Gifford / Richard T. Gifford / Sissy Baby Pansy / Pansy Gronski / Pansy Faggotte & Alfred John Schaerffer / "Master Al John"

    Sissy Baby Pansy or Pansy Gronski (born: Richard T. Gifford, legal name: Erica Raelene Gifford) is a deeply disturbed old man who's dedicated his entire life to living out his fetishes, of which there are many. He has an internet history spanning 15 years through which you can track his decline...
  2. CatParty

    Terrorist Sam Ambreen / Samina Ambreen Salahuddin / @SamAmbreenSalah / @SamAmSalahuddin

    Samina Ambreen Salahuddin (@SamAmbreen_) is a 3rd generation Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom. Born into a religious family, she rejected faith and became a 'murtad firti' (apostate) early in life. 36 years old now, she is married to a English man she has dress up in drag, and appears...
  3. 💗Bitchstopher Columbitch💗

    Dramacow Michael Isaacson / Vulgareconomics / rknjl / Riskybird

    Economics professor, Co-founder of Smash Racism DC and ANTIFA member Mike Isaacson first attracted public attention when he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. You can see it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIKEHCXfjU Watchers were understandably shocked that a college...
  4. Feline Darkmage

    Inactive Juan Thompson / ThompsonOtherkin@Gmail.com

    Twitter Intercept KiA Spergs React Last Monday a bunch of Jewish Centers and the Anti-Defamation League were threatened with bombings by an anonymous terrorist. Well, the terrorist used to be anonymous at least. Because former Intercept employee Juan M. Thompson of St. Louis, Missouri was...
  5. Loxiozzz

    ANTIFA / Antifascist Action / Antifaschistische Aktion

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQaR-fnhHmz/ Antifa is a terrorist group made up of anarchist anti-police NEETS who saw it necessary to riot in protest of Trump and his followers in the name of love and tolerance. They are known all over the world for destroying and silencing fascism through means...
  6. Ginger Piglet

    Careercow Jonathan Bishop (Crocels News/Research/Press/Base/Trolling Academy, Dzon Bishop, BonathanJishop)

    Following the Angel Garden / Steve Paris rabbit hole led me to the expert's report they commissioned for the purposes of their lolsuit. It was written by a so-called Internet Trolling Expert who gloried in the name of Jonathan Bishop. Here he is: He's a local councillor in the Rhondda...
  7. chimpburgers

    Terrorist Samuel Collingwood Smith / Vordrak / Sam Smith / BenvolaStar / Matthew Hopkins News

    https://samuelcollingwoodsmith.exposed/ I didn't know who this was until one of his articles was brought to my attention as I've made threads on Atheism + lolcows before. The article went into the infamous Block Bot used by a lot of those SJWs involved in that boogaloo, which there are already...