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  1. Shirō Ishii

    OIC DM's

    I'm going to start off saying that I'll be posting these in parts and that I won't be able to post all of these at once. The mods will be able to merge it all in the future but it's huge: 1,379 messages, 69 pages, and 407 files over a period between August 19th, 2021 to September 23rd, 2021...
  2. Brandon Isn’t Who I Am

    Orbiter Phil’s Weird Body...

    From his most recent DMCA attack video, I noticed how thin his bicep is. He really gets NO exercise whatsoever aside from walking, which is a form of cardio.
  3. Pargon

    Phil's Dark Skin Anxiety

    Big ups to @N0thingICanDo and their powers of observation. Over the last few months we've had multiple documented instances of Phil biting his nails and/or fingertips when black people turn up in video games. Mostly they've been posted in the general thread but I thought this was a curious...
  4. BabygotACKACKACK

    Favorite Dsp lie/phrase/retcon?

    I know the pigroach is the creature of 10,000 lies, he loves to retcon everything from his birth to what he did 30 seconds ago. He also has quite the way of saying shit so exceptional you can’t wonder if he has a bit of the tism What’s your favorite lie(twitch loves me and my streams), favorite...
  5. A Witty Name

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    DarksydePhil is a terrible middle-aged Let's Player with self-entitlement issues and a massively inflated ego. He is a Lolcow with a large cult following who watch only to see him and his business deteriorate. Timeline of "General Discussion": 2013: [1-15] (#1 to #291) 2014: [15-58] (#292 to...