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  1. L

    Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna

    Note: most recent updates to the OP are sorted at the top. MARYNE, ONCE AGAIN, TAKES ANOTHER TANTRUM IN RESPONSE TO ISLAMOPHOBIA Trump makes pissbabies mad, who knew? Just when you thought she couldn't be more of a white knight for Islam, she reblogs Linda Sarsour too. This was from her...
  2. Stephanie Bustcakes

    Thirstiest Lolcow

    Who do you think is the thirstiest cow? I'm gonna put John S. Bulla out there to start. What say you?
  3. StraightShooter

    Thunderf00t / Phil Mason

    Didn't see any threads on this guy, so I'll start one. Thunderf00t, aka Phil Mason from the UK is a mildly popular atheist Youtuber. In his older days his shtick was pretty much just the stereotypical progressive, SJW, New Atheist schtick you could find on a shithole like RationalWiki; comparing...
  4. Feline Darkmage

    Aguyuno / Azure / Timothy "Tim" Craig

    Timothy Craig Toronto, Ontario, Canada DoB: March 31, 1989 SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I., class of 2007 Most recently studying Social Service Work at Centennial College Facebook (archive) LinkedIn (archive) DeviantArt [recently deactivated] (historical archive) - the DA accounts he was watching were...
  5. H

    Snowflake shoe0nhead / June Lapine / June La Porta & Armoured Skeptic / Gregory "Greg" Fluhrer

    June Lapine is a 30-year-old woman and YouTuber who now spends most days posting on Twitter. Her audience is young, politically conscious men who she masturbates for money and attention. She has no genuine political affiliation but currently pretends to be progressive. She constantly talks about...

    Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP) / The Armed Toast / The Exceptional Detective / BoomerPhil

    "Sure. Your history on the internet and open interaction with your diagnosed mental issues and you choosing the internet life over real life reflect heavily. Youre paranoid Youre reactionary Youre vindictive Youre legitimately on the spectrum You have a history of backstabbing behavior online...
  7. Fishkill

    Artcow BenTheLooney / Ben Tannehill

    Mod Edit: Better thread OP starts on page 2 Ok, the ranting community on youtube is pretty dead. But there still is one faggot.Ben the Looney (or PuffyZillaman4) is a nostalgiatard on so many levels, he pretty much hates everything current. He recently quit, though.