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  1. Suburban Bastard

    Tommy Inheritance-To-Broke Prediction Thread

    Tommy recently has inherited 200K dollars. As all things in this entire sub-forum point to, there is absolutely no way he will do anything but waste it all, even with it very much being the last time he will ever own a large chunk of cash, in a hilariously short amount of time. But I think it's...
  2. RadioactiveMonkeyMan

    Old Tom's music "business"

    Short but sweet, I found Tom's Facebook account for his music recording business. I did some searches on the forum first, didn't find any references to it so I figured I'd share it for everyone to appreciate. Live Music Magic Facebook Post where Tom confirms it.
  3. EmpireOfTheClouds

    Things Tom says he is

    We all know Tom's severely dementia riddled brain causes him to claim he's a number of different things. Of course, we know the only thing he truly is is a pedophile dogfucker. But, according to Tom, he's whatever his brain decides to trick him into thinking he is, so what are some of those...
  4. Fetish Roulette

    Tom's Substack: The Thread

    According to his latest spergout, Tom's made himself a Substack! Is anyone going to tell him that Substacks are for real journalists who are freelancing and not for pedophiles to vomit their shitty opinions all over the Internet, or are we going to let him have this one? Link | Archive
  5. Suburban Bastard

    6/15/2020 - BREAKING: Queers win in the Supreme Court on 6-3 decision

    Tooter gets into a heated argument with the 911 operators after being correctly referred to as a man. Shortly after, he attempts to go onto the kiwifarms intending to make fun of it only to ragequit instead. lol do you think the 911 operators put newbies on tooter's number as a twisted method...
  6. Queen Of The Harpies

    5/22/2019 - Topic-less Tuesday

    I can't believe I missed this. Now Tom is going down the Chris Chan route of shameless e begging and it looks like he has pink eye from his mouth fuck
  7. Army Burger

    Tommy's Instagram Thread So Tommy linked to his Instagram account during his stream tonight, and since I haven't seen any reference to it anywhere on his subforum, I figured it would be worth it to have a thread for his Instagram posts. Let's start off with his most recent post...
  8. EmpireOfTheClouds

    2/21/2019 - Relational Bullying in the Transgender Community

    Some priceless gems in this one. Chimps out about Sabrina yet again. Calls the police yet again. Goes off on some tangent about his shitty rocks.
  9. Q

    1/8/2019 - Tom wants the Age of Consent lowered to 12

    Vomit and then discuss. For further background, here is Tom admitting to his own activity with children in the past. Here is text of tom talking about the incident. This is the person saying that the A0C should be lowered to 12. Thoughts?
  10. Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

    Living with a female brain and male reproductive organs

    As I understand it, a young , non-white gay man with a tranny fetish who calls himself "chimp burgers" was searching you tube for "gender dysphoria" and discovered my videos talking about it. Then the Kiwi Farms truscums , particularly feline darkmage, dee price and jennfer ajay, started...
  11. The Crow

    1/3/2019 - Frontal assault assault by anal assholes

    Tommy uploaded two videos on his youtube channel yesterday, here's one of the two. In this video, he briefly re-tells the Sabrina story, and how she was "totally mature for her age", while bitching about people who've been criticizing him on his Twitter account. Other than that, he also talks...
  12. Feline Darkmage

    Cooking with Chef Thomas Jay Wasserberg

    Now that @Mister Thomas Jay Wassergerg has his own subforum, the newbies just coming in may have noticed we talk about him eating literal trash all the time, which he does due to being a disgusting hobo. @Hellfire posted this most recent terrifying entity into the General thread, and I think it...
  13. Null

    12/4/2018 - Tommy Tooter crossover with Virgo Rouge

    On Tommy's Channel, a 3-hour livestream on the 3rd day of Hanukkah takes a twist when Virgo Rouge calls and they have a delightful discussion about dogfucking, pedophilia, and drugs. TommyTooter/A_Grateful_3rd_Night_of_Hanukkah-haTRQ-EOFpE.webm Virgo...
  14. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Stephanie Josephine Fritsch / Stephan Joseph Fritsch

    (Stephanie when he opens up to find @Thomas Jay Wasserberg is a pedo) Name: Stephanie Josephine Fritsch Deadname: Stephen Joseph Fritsch Aliases: fritschsj, Stepanie1244 Occupation: Retired (formerly a prostitute) DOB: 08/06/1964 Links...
  15. chimpburgers

    Tommy Tooter General Discussion

    TL;DR Overview Tom Wasserberg is an ancient faggot and formerly homeless busker from Chicago, now living in a roach infested hovel in Tuscon, AZ. He pretends to be a transgendered, lesbian woman in order to avoid criticism for his abhorrent behavior on and offline. By his own admission, he is...