1. Guts

    Lachlan Still / The Pedantic Romantic

    The Pedantic Romantic is a tranny anime YouTuber going by Lachlan Still that specializes in analyzing anime through an LGBT lens. Spending his time playing the "everyone I don't like is a Nazi" game, reveling in how unabashedly progressive he is, and disabling their comment's section because no...
  2. A

    Lolcow Terry Carl Bone / Kit Bone / Kit B Witchery / nonbinaryfaeriewitch / cherrythegoodwitch

    Terry Bone is fat faggot from Georgia, who says he is a femme queer nonbinary transgirl, who is also a working witch, healer, empath, and spiritual medium. He spends all his time either shaving his extremely hairy body or trying to scam people with his witchcraft "services." More pictures...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    NireBryce / Erin Cowden / John Peter Cowden

    (pictured center: John "NireBryce" Cowden) Dox (out of date, relocated to California) 3 Laurel Ln Westport CT 06880 DOB May 2, 1991 (age 27) NireBryce is a longtime Norasphere and sometimes Sarah Butts associate who pretends to be transgender and "plural" (ie, a headmates tumblr nutcase)...
  4. A

    Dramacow Venus Di'Khadijah Selenite / Thomas Lee Hinyard

    Venus Di'Kadijah Selenite (deadname: Thomas Lee Hinyard) is a racist tranny writer grifter. He lives in Washington, DC, but spends most of his time either traveling on other people's dime to read his shit poetry, or doing writer's residencies (aka sitting around, jacking off, and smoking weed)...
  5. D

    Laura Isabelle Late / Rovdyr / LauraisLate

    Rovdyr (predator in Norwegian) is a 22-year-old PC asexual entity known as "she" or "her" known for their tendency to mass-commission artists one of three large animal characters; Laura, Donna, or Sarah. To begin; her long-time relation with Samael. Laura and Samael Rovdyr has commissioned...
  6. Feline Darkmage

    Kyle James Elias "Abigail" Curlew / KyraCurlew / @Curlew_A / Socionocular / radicalyam

    Meet Kyle Curlew, aka Kyra Curlew, aka Abigail Curlew Kyle is a published Op-Ed writer in VICE Canada, a blogger on his own website, and is a PhD student in Sociology. He came to our attention when @Abortions4All reposted one of his pieces about a free speech controversy in Canada...
  7. L

    Lord Saytenn / redtubeyou / jonjafarifanclub / hornycritical

    Lord Saytenn is tumblr user, and that's pretty much all he does. He spends the majority amount of his time documenting everything a "problematic" youtuber does, to the point where he can't endorse anyone anymore because they've all wronged him in some way. You may recognise him from the...
  8. ~ Drama Llama Ding Dong ~

    Barcroft TV: Weird Documentaries On Weird People

    Barcroft TV is a channel on YouTube which showcases documentaries made about weird people and odd communities we were probably better off not knowing about. YouTube Channel Link: Channel Archive Link: They are notorious for...
  9. Old Wizard

    Careercow Liam Madigan / Lily Tess Madigan

    This is Liam "Lily" Madigan, the new Women's Officer of the UK Labour Party. Keep in mind that the role of Women's Officer is for women only. Liam found a loophole. He publicly campaigned (along with MRA Adrie Van Der Meer) to have former Woman's Officer Anne Ruzylo removed from her post...
  10. Hellfire

    Anthony "Antoinette" Cancelliere / The_AniChrist / TheSardonicus / TheTrannyClub / AniCancelliere

    Update: Anthony has discovered his thread. At first he claimed he was leaving Twitter after realizing he's "something called a lolcow." He then created a wrestling promo styled video in which he threatened death and violence, which he deleted shortly after posting. Anthony's FetLife (complete...
  11. Feline Darkmage

    Nicholas "Nick / Adrian / Adrienne" Cohea

    Nicholas T Cohea AKA: Nick Cohea, Adrian Olcott Cohea, Adrienne Cohea Born: March 6, 1989 Age: 28 Graduated from UVic with CompSci degree in 2011 2312 3rd Ave #510 Seattle WA 98121 Website Twitter (archive) Facebook (archive) GitHub (archive) Mastadon (archive does not work) GitHub Codes...
  12. Piga Dgrifm

    Morgan Slade / Adventures In Genderland Welcome to Genderland, a comic written and drawn by Morgan Slade, a "transman" that likes wearing dresses: Watch as Morgan suffers the oppression of a cis-guy cosplaying the same character: Watch as Morgan worries if becoming a trender hurts...
  13. Feline Darkmage

    Facebook [2017-Sep-21] Chris Literally Thinks Soy Sauce Will Give him Tits

    Important Parts of Disco Thread:
  14. JSGOTI

    Dramacow ProtoMagicalGirl / Jaret Ross / Alexis Ross / @PrincessProto / littledrummergirl / littledrummerboy

    To the new viewers from AGDQ, welcome to the most comprehensive thread that exists on our 'favorite' announcer. Please enjoy your stay, and by all means, feel free to share you own experiences with this individual. Below is a quick summary of this thread. He's a diaper fetishist His therapist...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    David Sherratt / Spinosauruskin / "Shitrat" / Hardon for Assad / Alternative Facts / @discordspies

    Update: King of discord ops has now become so big brained that its actually a good thing that St Jude isn't getting money raised by Ethan from the Arby's Retort. Meet Spinosauruskin (powerword: David Sherratt), Twitter Youtube He's a 19-year-old Men's Rights Activist and MGTOW supporter that...
  16. Hellfire

    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    @Smutley wrote most of the following introduction for Rebecca after she chimped out in early 2016 over Jesse Singal and Brianna Wu. "Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber / Yonah Bex Gerber / ArchivistBecks / 8BitBecca / ArchivistGeek / RemembrancerBex / RemembrancerMx / LilCassandra / LilLirael /...
  17. Sheikh_Speare

    Dramacow Dave "Danielle" Muscato

    This is Danielle Muscato, a brave, beautiful woman fighting against cis-sexism and transphobic bigotry. Here's her twitter. Note the uncannily accurate artist's depiction of Ms. Muscato. Predictably, Danielle spends most of her time battling transphobes on Twitter and chimping about...
  18. chimpburgers

    Zinnia Jones / Satana Kennedy / Zachary Antolak / Zack Sklar / Lauren McNamara/Soersdal / @zjemptv

    ZINNIA JONES IS MAD AT THE INTERNET WHY THO? @yawning sneasel helped with much of the research that went into this thread, but I have heard about Zinnia Jones before through other sources. Sargon of Akkad has even mentioned him a few times in some of his YouTube videos and from what it...
  19. CatParty

    Trainwreck Jessi Slaughter / Jessica/Damian Leonhardt

    you all know her by now. well after all that previous drama she is back. as a sjw. facebook deviant art...
  20. Internet War Criminal

    Richard "Terra" Jones / Fire / Buffalo Bill / Lightning Princess / Leslie Eclaire / Stilanas

    @Smutley made the original KF thread in the ADF subforum but this particular rabbit gloryhole goes back far deeper, back to 2002 when he registered an account under the name Fire on the Something Awful forums. He was wildly mocked there for his extremist tendencies and love of underage anime...

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