1. Beta Faggot


    Neocities is a revival of the old Geocities service that allowed people to create their own webpage. I was originally going to make this a Community Watch thread, as this service has attracted some exceptional people, but there's really a variety of different people on Neocities. One thing that...
  2. Sidon's fleshlight

    Dramacow ReSwitched: William Hedberg / Hedgeberg, Kate Temkin / KTemkin / Kyle Temkin, Cody Brocious / Daeken

    Welcome to ReSwitched, where logic is left at the door, and where the dead go to die of gender politics discussions. So, if you’re feeling suicidal, come with me on this journey of soyboys going insane, some wacky drama, and stuff that will make you go, “How the fuck do these people even live...
  3. Real Mayun

    Reddit's Trans Community

    Reddit's trans community is notable for "sucking in" people, circlejerking about how great it is to be trans, and enabling people. Some notable subreddits:
  4. Yellow Shirt Guy

    David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce

    Meet David AKA Destiny Price, tranny from Dayton, OH who rants on twitter and google about Blaire White and other non SJW's who refute their nonsense, also a veteran He claims 30 years of discrimination from the USDA firing him over a blood test, he was stopped by his family in the Mid 1980s...
  5. OwO What's This?

    Something Awful Troons

    @Null decided this deserved its own thread, so without further ado... Beyond the mystical paywall lies a subforum from which no autism can escape. Within the heart of 'BYOB' you will find the Cool Crew Chat Central, home to some of the looniest troons you will ever see. Welcome to the Something...

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