1. BanyaHat

    The Replika Community & AI-sexuals

    Official Website: https://www.replika.ai/ (Archive) Official FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/myownreplika/ (Archive) Official Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/Replika (Archive) Unofficial Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/UnofficialReplika (Archive) Crunchbase Page on Luka, Inc. (the developers)...
  2. Princess Peaches

    Is Tumblr a Dead Website?

    Now towards the end of 2019, with the porn ban still in place and many escaping to twitter what has become of Tumblr? Has the site started to die as people predicted it would? Why or why not?
  3. Beta Faggot


    Neocities is a revival of the old Geocities service that allowed people to create their own webpage. I was originally going to make this a Community Watch thread, as this service has attracted some exceptional people, but there's really a variety of different people on Neocities. One thing that...
  4. O

    Plurals / Clusters / Systems

    Introduction The plurality community is made up of individuals who claim to possess multiple, distinct alters inside of their minds. These alters have names, personalities, gender identities, pronouns, and sexual interests that are distinct from their host. These traits appear whenever the alter...
  5. Hamplanet Fitness

    Dylan Hafertepen / noodlesandbeef / ekigyuu / beefdumplings / California Cow

    "Thank you for allowing me to serve you." -Jack Chapman, 1990-2018, last words Noodles & Beef, aka Dylan Hafertepen, is not your typical gay muscle-bear. He's into BDSM and polyamory; while most gay couples have the occasional threesome, Dylan's relationship is something else. He is the...
  6. Null

    Obscure Laughingstocks

    Admin Note: Thread is for people or groups that are bizarre and from the Internet, but not quite a lolcow because they don't respond to negative attention / were never popularized / unheard of.
  7. PoisonedBun

    Voltron Fandom

    As most of you are probably unaware, Voltron Season 7 just finished airing. While the Voltron fandom is a huge clusterfuck with plenty of terrible content to sift through, this thread for one thing: Adam and Shiro. See, it was announced in a trailer recently that Shiro canonically had an...
  8. Kiryu DIO

    everything is trans

    Tumblr's already known for making anything and everything lesbian, so why not look at yet another 'special snowflake' side? Ladies, gentlemen, bugs and more.. I give you the 'Everything and Everyone is Transgender' side of Tumblr! It's basically where if something is cis somebody will force a...
  9. In the Air of the Night

    Dramacow Ohmwrecker / Ryan N. Lord / Maskedgamer / TheMystic

    3103 Long Common Pkwy Elgin IL 60124 DOB June 28, 1979 https://www.facebook.com/01ryan10 (Archive) https://old-friends.co/school.php?s=15961#1997 Ryan "Ohmwrecker" Lord, is a YouTube Let's Player and "former" member of the VanossGaming/H2O Delirious' Youtube Friend Group. Famous for their Grand...
  10. Yaoi Huntress Earth

    Bikini Armor Battle Damage

    For those of you who don't know, Bikini Armor Battle Damage is a feminist geek site where a bunch of prudish ladies like to complain about women characters who don't wear outfits that completely cover at least 90% of their bodies and look like they have a figure. What seperates them is... For...
  11. Kitlen

    Snowflake Simply_Kenna / McKenna Kaelin / Kenna Suman/CozyKitsune

    I noticed Simply_Kenna didn't have a thread so I figured I'd make one. Who is Simply_Kenna? To put it simply, Simply_Kenna is Tumblrite/aesthetic wannabe who makes tons of Youtube videos for fans, showing tutorials, her "aesthetic", improperly teaching you about Buddhism, blatantly lying...
  12. morninghomo

    everything is lesbian

    tumblr is known for turning turning everything gay but no one, and i mean NO ONE, is as thirsty for validation as lesbians. and i know theres already a thread for nice gals who wanna turn every girl gay, but this aint quite the same thing theres a trend on tumblr of lesbians assigning...
  13. L

    TomSka / Thomas Ridgewell / @thetomska

    Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell used to be one of the most well known comedy channels in the UK. Internationally his work on the "ASDF" movies is what he's best known for, he's also the voice of the character Tom in the late great Edd Gould's Eddworld series and later took over the show at his best...
  14. flock of doves

    Racism on Tumblr

    (excuse me if a thread has already been made on this.) this thread is to discuss and laugh at the sheer amount of racism on tumblr. racism towards poc, of course, but specifically about the racism against white people, because that's becoming a majority opinion on tumblr, at least from what...
  15. L

    Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna

    Note: most recent updates to the OP are sorted at the top. MARYNE, ONCE AGAIN, TAKES ANOTHER TANTRUM IN RESPONSE TO ISLAMOPHOBIA Trump makes pissbabies mad, who knew? Just when you thought she couldn't be more of a white knight for Islam, she reblogs Linda Sarsour too. This was from her...
  16. WhyDidIDoThis

    Krystianna Leigh Boone / Buttons / Buttons Pastel Star / Buttons Reviews / Bashful Story Fox / Zev / FNGR's Girlfriend

    Introduction Buttons is a deviantart artist who is known for, among other things, dating Anthony Aguilar. However, apart from just dating a bonafide lolcow, she is more than capable of being one by herself. Cringey Art To start off with, her artwork is MS Paint art that would make even first...
  17. 💗Freddie Freaker💗

    Dramacow Michael Isaacson / Vulgareconomics / rknjl / Riskybird

    Economics professor, Co-founder of Smash Racism DC and ANTIFA member Mike Isaacson first attracted public attention when he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. You can see it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIKEHCXfjU Watchers were understandably shocked that a college...
  18. Meowthkip

    Nice Gals/Femcels

    EDIT: This thread is extremely upsetting to some lesbian who thinks this whole thing is made up, but women shouldn't really date guys anyway but they can IF THEY WANT TO TAKE THAT RISK but celibacy is safer than submitting yourself to some DISGUSTING MAN. Kitty is more than welcome to...

    make tumblr esque headcannons about the user above you

    I'm gonna start with @Ntwadumela you seem like a cool dude so your first Ntwadumela is a lesbian muslim transgirl who loves her girlfriend and wears a hijab of empowerment
  20. T

    Gross Luna Slater / funeral1996 / rotten2thecore1996 / howl1996 / junkhun

    I've been meaning to make this thread for months, she's one of my favourite lolcows from the other farms. Her instagram is the current source of most of her stuff, it's currently private, but I don't know how accepting of new followers she is. Okay, Luna Slater is a 20 year old heroin addict...