1. Lysenko

    Snowflake Courtney Thompson / chronically.court / CC / Court Thompson

    Courtney Thompson is a young woman from Colorado, USA. She claims to have several illnesses brought about from a "vaccine injury" from the HPV vaccine. In addition to being an anti-vaxxer, Court posts glamour photos of her suffering from her "ailments" on Instagram for attention. Most of posts...
  2. neger psykolog

    Lolcow Anthony Dagher / 7AnthonyDagher7 / Anthony George Dagher

    Vegan who got mad at a vegan woman who bought a kid non-vegan ice cream, then went and posted her Instagram and acted like a sped. Dox: Twitter sperging:
  3. InLivingTuna

    Inactive Nasim Najafi Aghdam / Nasim Wonder1 / Nasime Sabz / nasimesabz1 / Yesil Nasim / Vegan Nasim

    Note: Information from this incident is still being released. Expect OP to update frequently, PM me if you find anything substantial plz. On April 3, 2018, an active shooter situation was reported at YouTube's San Bruno offices. 4 people were injured but only one fatality was reported, a...
  4. Rosechuspickle

    Careercow FullyRawKristina / Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

    While not as infamous as other lolcows, FullyRawKristina is a notorious vegan youtuber who preaches that fruit and vegetables can save your life, cured a black widow spider bite with raw foods, went on a 9 water fast to 'heal her body', suggests that a raw vegan diet can cure rabies, and much...
  5. B

    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    I can't believe her portion sizes either. She said she was eligible for gastric bypass and she claimed to be starting a healthy eating journey and yeah there was a few videos posted up of her eating a salad or something, maybe some fish.. but they didn't last too long. Also her Canadian accent...
  6. PennyCrayon

    Lolcow Steven "Hope" Lye / StreetVoiceUK / SmashingGenderChange / Steve DIY / HopePinkBoots

    Hope Lye (Formerly known as Steven) A transgender, feminist, man hating, liberal, animal activist and generally annoying person..and strangely enough seemingly trans phobic Loves stirring the shit on his Facebook profiles
  7. Trip from Facade

    Lolcow John Sakars

    Mod Edit: Sakars is a lolcow, Dynastia thought so, so have his OP on him. I have deleted the image I had posted of John Sakars's youtube page as I no longer consider him a lolcow.

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