vexatious litigant

  1. Null

    Skitzocow Steve Quest / Montagraph / Roy Warren Marshall / "Dale Ellis Bennett" / "Umbrella Man" / "Elite Rule" / "OctoberReignz" / "ImYourGhost"

    Steve "Montagraph" Quest is a conspiracy theorist with belligerent, litigious behavior documented since the early 2000s . He shows symptoms of schizophrenia, particularly delusions of grandeur, warning people continuously of affiliations with U.S. law enforcement agencies and secret societies...
  2. Moral_Equivalent_of_ISIS

    Russell Art Thread

    This thread is for our lovingly depicted art of Russ. Requests, comments, critiques are also welcome. Here's mine to start us off. P.S. This isn't a thread for the art Russ commissioned so don't post that unless you're requesting a funny edit or something similar. Donezo. Feel free to make...
  3. Ginger Piglet

    Careercow Jason L. Van Dyke / WNLaw

    Every so often, Popehat unearths cows of significant proportions. Kevin Allred is one such cow that Ken, Patrick, Randazza, et al. have brought to light. The boys behind Prenda Law were others. And now there's this sperg. Jason L. Van Dyke is a lawyer from Texas who has had lolcowish tendencies...
  4. Cryin RN

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    Thread Index by @GloriousScarf / Court Documents 2015-2017 / Court Documents vs. Taylor 2018 / The Genesis of Russell Greer / Greer Lolsuit Bingo by @Viridian Russell's book, "Why I Sued Taylor Swift: and How I Became Accurately Known as Frivolous, Litigious and Crazy": Drive / Megaupload ty...
  5. TakeDownMan

    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    Before I begin let me be clear on feelings on Maddox Pre-Podcasting with an ED quote: "Maddox (powerword George Ouzounian) is one of the pioneers of internet trolling, flaming, and unwarranted self importance." Maddox before becoming a Podcaster was great, unfortunately when you try and make...
  6. chimpburgers

    Terrorist Samuel Collingwood Smith / Vordrak / Sam Smith / BenvolaStar / Matthew Hopkins News

    (Samuel Collingwood Smith is a terrorist. Read the Lolcow Wiki article on Samuel Collingwood Smith detailing his abysmal life accomplishments in general.) I didn't know who this was until one of his articles was brought to my attention as I've made threads on Atheism + lolcows before. The...
  7. Atsimuel

    Careercow Roy "Dr. P" Philipose

    I've been a lurker for a while, so I figured it was time I made an account and gave back with a potential lolcow. To that end, I give you Roy Philipose. Some of you have probably seen this video that cropped up last year of a guy asking Elon Musk at a Tesla shareholders meeting for a job...

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