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  1. Big Fat Frog

    Guntout: Poo Vegas

    So, a small discussion was spurred in one of the Gunt related threads regarding a Fallout: New Vegas playthrough as Ethan Adrienne Ralph, the Gunt. Since the small discussion was pretty entertaining, I figured I was autistic enough to create a separate thread dedicated to discussing this topic...
  2. Cucktry Roads

    Game Gunts

    (And we're the Game Gunts!) Ethan Ralph's gaming career goes far back. How far? Who cares. Ralph claims that he was a local arcade legend in the 90s, almost winning a local tournament until some kid went and beat his high score. Ralph gained most of his fame from the Gamergate movement, which...
  3. 0 1

    Fighting Game Community (FGC) General

    Original video by Crowbcat The fighting game community, abbreviated as the "FGC," is a long-running collection of individuals rife with eccentricity and drama that extends for decades which has only intensified after being thrusted into the mainstream. There have been countless incidents of...
  4. Junk Dog

    Sean Edward Chiplock / PommyN64 / Nyan Chiplock / Sonicmega / NGsonicmega / Volnutt

    Sean Edward Chiplock/PommyN64/Nyan Chiplock/Sonicmega/NGsonicmega/Volnutt Another voice actor for the weeb wars pile, and a furry at that. You'll probably recognize this particular individual from such roles as Revali from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Subaru Natsuki from Re...
  5. Arm Pit Cream

    Jared Knabenbauer / ProJared / SinJared, Heidi O'Ferrall / AtelierHeidi & Holly Conrad / CommanderHolly

    Projared has been cheating on his 5/10 coplayer wife Heidi for a 1+ year now with some streamer/"content creator" who u̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶d̶a̶t̶e̶ married (who cares?) Ross of Gamegrump fame. He (allegedly) abused her, ignored her, tried to get her to sign an NDA to shut her up and sent his friends...
  6. Clown Doll

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    This thread is for minor Chris updates : If Chris farts on fb or twitter (or likes something on Youtube / another service) and the update isn't large enough to warrant it's own thread*, it can be placed here. *This usually means that Chris reblogs/likes something or his commentary is extremely...
  7. Jaimas

    Warframe Community Staff

    If there's ever been a repeating process that people who enjoy Vidya have been fucking sick of, it's community managers who give zero fucks about that community getting put in place through nepotism and promptly declaring that game's community to be the source of all of its problems. Veteran...
  8. L

    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is a Newgrounds animator turned youtube let's player who hosts the channel Game Grumps. Arin likes to think of himself as an expert of politics and game design, constantly spouting on about how woke he is and even starting a series on youtube called Sequelitis to talk...
  9. Null

    "Mad at the Internet"

    You can find all links on this website. [THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK]
  10. oddish

    Extra Credits

    "Extra Credits" is a gaming channel that makes godawful "analysis" videos about videos games. The show started as a ripoff of Yahtzee that they made as a school project, and never progressed much further than that in quality. In it, they draw from their non existent "expertise" in game design...
  11. CIA Nigger

    Byuu / byuu_nyan / setsunakun0 / Near

    2/8/2020 Update: Two years later, Byuu got verified and has posted a response to this OP and it's worth reading. Worth noting is that much of the information in this OP is circa 2018, and that things have changed since then. Also BSNES and Higan are FOSS projects, and have more than just Byuu...
  12. In the Air of the Night

    Dramacow Ohmwrecker / Ryan N. Lord / Maskedgamer / TheMystic

    3103 Long Common Pkwy Elgin IL 60124 DOB June 28, 1979 (Archive) Ryan "Ohmwrecker" Lord, is a YouTube Let's Player and "former" member of the VanossGaming/H2O Delirious' Youtube Friend Group. Famous for their Grand...
  13. Feline Darkmage

    Manosphere Richard La Ruina / "Gambler" / @RichardGambler / PUA Training

    Meet Rich La Ruina aka Gambler So 3 days ago on March the 7th of 2018, a game known as "Super Seducer" was released on Valve's platform Steam. It was slated for a PS4 store release, which was canceled because Sony didn't want to deal with the games controversial subject matter. Videos...
  14. neger psykolog

    The Sims Modding Community

    The first "Sims" title was released in early 2000 making its modding communities one of the oldest/longest-running in gaming history. Unlike many other modding communities which surround other games, The Sims is a title enjoyed by people from all walks of life and as such the content is of a...
  15. neger psykolog

    Twin Galaxies

    Twin Galaxies is a organization dating back from the "golden age" of arcade gaming dedicated to recording high scores and peak performance of autists from the 80s up until today. Besides keeping track of "official" high scores (for a time in concert with Guiness World Records) it also...
  16. L

    The Hitman Fanbase

    The Hitman fanbase has been going strong(?) for about seventeen years now. A relatively unloved franchise that's spawned a very particular community thanks to its reddit page, discord and fan website. All three of them are closely knit, and have managed to produce an inbred offspring in the form...
  17. Pop-Tart

    Plagued Super Smash Bros. Community

    So this has been a long time coming, and this is a extensive topic. But it must be done. In order to set the mood and give some idea of scale. I will most likely miss a lot as there has been a lot recorded in regards to this community. Two known big autists in the smash community are...
  18. Inigo

    Angry Joe / Joe Vargas / Jose Antonio Vargas / AngryJoeShow

    Angry Joe has been going downhill for a long time now, but I think with the recent Twitter storm that strongly implied that Joe doesn't want to make Angry Reviews anymore, a thread on him is justified. Joe is beginning to lash out at fans who ask him why there are no Angry Reviews for games...
  19. Saladin

    Careercow Randy Pitchford / DuvalMagic

    (6/14/2020) NOTICE: This OP is now abandoned. (5/7/2019) UPDATE: The original voice actor for Claptrap has accused Randy of physically assaulting him. (5/2/2019) UPDATE: Randy's in shit now for lying about cosmetic microtransactions in Borderlands 3. UPDATE: Randy is accused of, among other...
  20. José Mourinho

    Careercow Jim Sterling / James "Stephanie" Sterling / James Stanton/Sexton & in memoriam TotalBiscuit (John Bain)

    Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit. Two names that really caught the attention of PC gamers (with them being mentioned a lot in PC gaming communities like the PC Master Race subreddit) and they knew who they are even if they never watched a video from them. So why they are in one thread? Because they...