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  1. Jarilo182

    Artcow Javis Ray / Legacy Control

    http://legacy-control.com/ https://www.facebook.com/javis.ray https://www.facebook.com/LegacyControlComic/ https://www.patreon.com/LegacyControl I'm surprised he doesn't have a thread yet, he's been all over various cringe pages on the web. He's known for his webcomic, Legacy Control, that was...
  2. Literally Hitler

    Inactive nattycomic / stephen a. winchell / @sawinchell

    The above comic should pretty much summarize nattycomic as a whole, There's no plot characters or humor to be found just a series of strawmen getting brutally murdered. The comic began as a spinoff of a mediocre webcomic called little boys room where the titular character natty would do the...
  3. CWCissey

    Artcow Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls / Mallorie Jessica Udischas-Trojan / Jesse William Trojan / Jessica Udischas / SweetBeans99

    This is starting to shit up the Assigned Male thread, so I'm going to give this webcomic it's own thread. http://manicpixienightmaregirls.com/ Although it is significantly less strawmanny than the adventures of Stephie-With-The-Man-Hands, it is nonetheless just as stupid, with the same batshit...