1. JosephTX

    Anime News Network (ANN), Christopher Macdonald & Co.

    Anime News Network is an pathetic excuse of an 'media' outlet based in Montreal, Canada which is currently trying to follow the GAWKER buisness model through defamation, brigading and dubious legal acts in retaliation to something foreign and considered reprehensible in Canada, freedom of...
  2. KingofNothing

    PULL Gawking Thread

    The Weeb Wars thread is getting a bit more cluttered again so per @Null suggestion we're gonna have a thread specifically for mocking PULL's thoughts on Vic's case. Post and clip their lukewarm legal expertise and whatnot here. PULL aka Pretty Ugly Little Liar is a site akin to Kiwi Farms...
  3. *Asterisk*

    Bigot Brigade Something Awful and Friends / B & R

    This thread started life merely about Something Awful splinter site Something Sensitive, but things related to Something Awful have become so disastrous that I've decided to change the thread title and the topics covered within. From now on, this thread shall be the place for Something's Awful...