1. JosephTX

    Anime News Network (ANN), Christopher Macdonald & Co.

    Anime News Network is an pathetic excuse of an 'media' outlet based in Montreal, Canada which is currently trying to follow the GAWKER buisness model through defamation, brigading and dubious legal acts in retaliation to something foreign and considered reprehensible in Canada, freedom of...
  2. mindlessobserver

    Weeb Wars / AnimeGate / #KickVic / #IStandWithVic / #vickicksback

    Please keep this thread for general discussion on the drama or the presentation of new information/personalities. Existing cows related to this drama have their own threads and discussion about them or posting of their latest social media rants should go into those locations. This OP has been...
  3. GethN7

    Diseased AlltheFallen.ninja (now allthefallen.moe)

    UPDATE: New links, thanks to @Eryngium. Main: http://allthefallen.moe/ forum: https://allthefallen.moe/forum/index.php booru: https://booru.allthefallen.moe/ Git: https://git.allthefallen.moe/users/sign_in stories: https://stories.allthefallen.moe/ translations...