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    Yandere Sim Clones & Fangames

    Upadte 9/26/2020: NitroNix appears and is a sick fuck, & a different yan clone speedruns itself into it's own grave. Update 9/22/2020: What's been happening after the fallout. Update 9/13/2020: Apeis/Logan attempted to groom a 10 year old, what the fuck dude (Also Smugruko has been outed for...
  2. Jmz_33

    Smugruko / Smug_Legend / Lory / MariEvangelion / Dekapai_Decade / Kokoro_Dev / @FurezoHarto

    Smugruko (real name "Lory,") is an Anime/Videogame "journalist" and self-proclaimed master troll. Smug first got her start by working for another notorious lolcow, Ian Miles Cheong, where she became affiliated with 'Hype Break' and became the owner of 'Escapezero,' which is just another...
  3. Ido

    Fix Alex's Shit Designs

    Post here for others to enjoy! and fix his shit.
  4. Juan But Not Forgotten

    Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan / cannotgoogleme

    Let's find out! Alexander Stuart Mahan is the perfect example of why lolcows and mainstream success are like water and oil. Several times throughout his life stars aligned perfectly to let him make a name for himself, but every time he pissed it all away due to his arrogance, thin skin and lack...