yellow journalist

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  1. JosephTX

    Anime News Network (ANN), Christopher Macdonald & Co.

    Anime News Network is an pathetic excuse of an 'media' outlet based in Montreal, Canada which is currently trying to follow the GAWKER buisness model through defamation, brigading and dubious legal acts in retaliation to something foreign and considered reprehensible in Canada, freedom of...
  2. Feline Darkmage

    Plagued William "Billy D" Usher / cyguration & OneAngryGamer (

    Links: ( GamerGate is a dead gay internet controversy who's...
  3. G

    Careercow Kurt Eichenwald / Roy Rogers / Andrew McDonald

    Update 1: He got caught with a tab of MILF hentai open in a screenshot he made to twitter. He then used the excuse that he was trying to prove Tentacle Porn existed to his wife. But he "didn't find any". Update 2: Kurt vs wikileaks Update 3: WikiLeaks uncovers sockpuppet "Andrew McDonald"...
  4. Ginger Piglet

    Careercow Jonathan Bishop (Crocels News/Research/Press/Base/Trolling Academy, Dzon Bishop, BonathanJishop)

    Following the Angel Garden / Steve Paris rabbit hole led me to the expert's report they commissioned for the purposes of their lolsuit. It was written by a so-called Internet Trolling Expert who gloried in the name of Jonathan Bishop. Here he is: He's a local councillor in the Rhondda...
  5. chimpburgers

    Terrorist Samuel Collingwood Smith / Vordrak / Sam Smith / BenvolaStar / Matthew Hopkins News I didn't know who this was until one of his articles was brought to my attention as I've made threads on Atheism + lolcows before. The article went into the infamous Block Bot used by a lot of those SJWs involved in that boogaloo, which there are already...