1. Catch Your Breath

    Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley

    Meet Chris Bryant - A Former Admin of FurAffinity & current owner of Furry Menagerie. Furry Menagerie rebranded to Furry Valley in January 2019 as accusations of doxing, cult-like behavior, grooming of minors, and zoophilia at the hands of Chris came to light. He also has a crush fetish which...
  2. Null

    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    Chris Whiteman is a self-avowed pedophile and zoophile. He is currently 25 and dating a 16-year-old female-to-male transsexual named "Benjamin" March. She lives with him at his house in Niagara Falls. Though this is legal in Canada, Whiteman has explained on Twitter he is a "MAP", or a...
  3. Big Bad Brat

    Horrorcow Douglas Bryan Spink / Fausty / Cross-Species Alliance / Exitpoint / @LeConteSpink

    Douglas Bryan Spink is perhaps the most ardent zoophilia defender and practitioner in modern history. He is best known for his criminal exploits that manage to mix a sense of surreal absurdity, comedic stupidity and horrifying deviancy. Despite this, he still desires to be the leading voice of...
  4. wes

    Aeryn Boyer / Katherine Boyer / Katherine Drevis / respectfulsuccubus / Respectful_Succ

    Katherine Boyer / The Respectful Succubus is a God-hating, half-blind, cancer surviving, sissy tranny demon who really wants to fuck animals. If you disagree, he suggests therapy to get over your sexual hangups. The lovable transfem (she/her) demon that is Katherine Boyer! ζ (The "ζ" symbol...
  5. darkshadowfox

    @DarkShadowFox / Sebastian Welch / foxboyhunter / furpawsradio

    Mod Edit: @DarkShadowFox was a user who joined Kiwi Farms to claim he had intel on the zoosadists and bragged how he was the master behind the leaks. Other Kiwis found he was a zoophile and he promptly shat up the Kero the Wolf thread. Info on his accounts: Dox: Here's the original post...
  6. Hecate

    Tim Slosky / SniffHeinkel / Sniffeh / Sniffindahouse / Darkhusky88

    Tim Slosky (age 41) first came to my attention when the user @Darkhusky88 posted to the farms here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kero-the-wolf-joshua-hoffman-keroyamimora-yami-the-wolf.48033/page-62#post-3937900...
  7. D.Va

    Zoosadist Jim Rozolosky / Ashley Zoe Fox / AshleyZoeFox / Bedtime Bear / lilPup / lilRugrat

    Ashley Zoe Fox / Jim Rozolosky / AshleyZoeFox / Bedtime Bear / lilPup / lilRugrat DOB: April 28, 1978 Address: 548 Somerville Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15243-1570 Jim Rozolosky is best known as AshleyZoeFox, an autistic 40-something discovered through his role during the zoosadism leaks when he tried...
  8. D.Va

    Zoosadist Dylan P. Pleskac / Ember / Emberwolf / Erolass / delta9knight

    Dylan "Emberwolf" Pleskac is one of the many identities implicated through the Zoosadism leaks. Dylan is a frequent attender of furry conventions in the midwest, including MFF, FWA, BLFC and Anthrocon. Zoosadism A chat log between SnakeThing and Emberwolf appears in the Zoosadism leaks. Ember...
  9. nonnewtonian

    Zoosadist Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing / Nelizar / Nelizar_Neli / Buttne

    UPDATE 11/3/2018: Levi has been released from prison as the DA and police of Coos County are working on a complete list of charges. UPDATE 10/26/2018: Levi has been arrested and charged with sexual assault of an animal, animal abuse, and animal neglect. Levi Dane Simmons 885 Lombard St North...
  10. CaptainuWu

    Zoosadist Glowfox / Philipp Arthur Valderrama Negreiros / Negre Valde Arthur

    For an introduction to the Zoosadism leaks, please see this thread. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zoosadism-megathread.47973/ For Glowfox's leaks, access this archive. https://kiwifarms.net/archive/Zoosadism/ "Proceed" -> files -> /Glowfox/ (twice) -> messages.html Philipp Arthur Valderrama...
  11. sergeantshinypony29

    Zoosadist "Kero the Wolf" / Joshua Hoffman / KeroYamimora / "Yami the Wolf"

    Joshua Hoffman 109 S McDonald St McDonald, PA 15057 Lives on the 3rd floor. Exact room number not known. YouTube - Kero The Wolf (archive.li) (wayback) Twitter - @KerotheWolf (archive.li) (wayback) Periscope - @KerotheWolf archives don't work Patreon - Kero The Wolf (archive.li) (wayback)...
  12. MayMay

    Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse

    9/15/2018: Marl now goes by LYCUS ARGENT WOODS instead of Jayson Garcia, PK now goes by ASH HAZEL WOODS instead of Melanie Herring, and Eevee is now EVELYN CLOVER WOODS instead of Alexander Munroe. Also Marl and PK divorced after changing their names, which was why we weren't able to find a...

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