02/20/2021 Slow News Day -

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Okay, I just saw it. Tom, you'll never be indigenous. You know nothing about the dynamic between my husband, children, and I because you couldn't even maintain a romantic relationship with the dog you raped. You're just jealous because I have the option to stay pregnant when the only options life has offered you include government paid shit hovels and bathing in bong water. You're very jealous Tom, you wish a man would care enough to beat and rape you.


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Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
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Wow talk about all the lies. and he fictionalized the story now. Thomas you have to stop lying so badly.

Now do get that we watched this even if it was at 1.5 or 1.75. in my case because you are extremely long reee'd As for mean and stupid if you look in a mirror you will see full blown stupid.

And really you are not mad? but you called out Mariposa in a gross and manly way and talk about talking retarded shit. Her husband should tell you off and if he ever saw you as long as he is in a gas mask beat the tee total shit out of you.

She makes you so jealous it is sad old MAN. By the way you are not INTERSEX. that is total bullshit. As I have stated intersex is a genetic anomaly. You are not intersex. Proving that you have no clue about biological sciences. And you will never be feminine You are not trans You will never be accepted to female society.

You are a filthy old man that rapes kids and dogs. This is proven time and time again.

You OLD MAN are mentally ill and retarded.