FIGGIN 02-28-19 Phil Larps a monologue about his antifa cosplay -


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Phil spits hot air and words that he doesn't know the meaning of. Also, you are totally a coward LARPing as an urban terrorist. All it would take is someone pointing a gun at you and you would shit yourself and waddle off. Once again, you are a natural male and absolutely nothing will change that. Keep deluding yourself Phil, because if you repeat something, then it must be true.

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A Militant Trans Woman who has done absolutely nothing militant other than militantly buy Antifa Merchandise like the capitalist consumer that he is.

And, I just realized he too acknowledges he changes identities about as often as he changes his socks by saying his "current" ideology. I can't wait to see his next identity. It really is like watching an autistic pokemon evolve.


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I'm loving this. Phil is literally screaming, yes I respout memes I don't understand. Also I don't even know how to form a thought so let me throw some incredibly unrealated topics into it.

Has this site even once mentioned patriot prayer? I'm pretty active and not aware of it. Gamer gate was literally laughed at and ignored here. No one partook unless they wanted to become a cow themselves. I really don't see how we are active in something we called a laughing stock. That's like saying, I hate baseball, so there for I'm a left fielder for the Yankees.

Phil you won't fight anyone, even your crippled mom who you sucker punched won that fight, because, she's free of you now. She doesn't call, doesn't send money she lets a drunk faggot beat you up and steal from you. That's how she won that fight. Toren beats you and rips you off. It's funny.

Phil also forgets he made himself "famous" by attacking a trans woman of color, Christine Chandler, who's native american. Would you like to explain that Philip?

Sadly, I do think he's serious with it's not a larp to him. When I go do my 2 gun challenges or camping, I dress up like an army man, because it's fun. I come home go back to my office job etc, just like a sports fan dresses up in foot ball pads for the game. There's no harm in it, then back to real world.

Phil waddles around dressed in cheaply made slave labor chinese tactical stuff. Covered in his own filth rambling about goober gote confusing and scaring the near by people. He really isn't smart enough to know that kiwi farms is a happy diverse place, what little brain power reading how many trans/gay/poc/rich/poor members on here, he just uses that shread of luke warm IQ to flush it out. Phil has nothing in his life to do or live for, so he's pretended his made up threats to real.

He's like worse Christine, as normal.

Even in the sense, food becomes a human right, housing also, how do we get people to farm, how do we get builders? You need violence and force to make it, unless there's insentive, profit mostly. No one would donate things to you, that's why the goverment puts a gun to my and the other kiwis heads to keep you fed.

Also it's so cute he still reads here 24/7 I guess it's more fun and welcoming here than listening to Toren barf and tell Phil to give him more money.

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how long till antifa kicks his ass like occupy kicked his ass
Unlike Occupy, which was at least started by normal people, Antifa in the US is 100% tranny LARPers like Phil. There's a reason why they go crying to Daddy Gubmint every time something bad happens. Their "successes" are only so because the establishment supports them.

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Lol, he censored his "deadname". What a fucking pussy.
Funny, he didn't do anything about the masculine pronouns.

Phil, you meat puppet, we don't sit around "bitching" about you (nice bit of misogyny, btw). We mock you. We laugh at you. We marvel at what a spectacular waste of perfectly good air you are. We Kiwis come from many different nations and walks of life, and embrace many different philosophies of life and political views, yet we are able to come together in peace, united by our common hilarity at your fuckwittedness. Seriously, "Peace Through Mockery" could be the Kiwi Farms motto, and your threads exemplify that.

As for your Anarcho-Communist commitment to replacing the profit-driven capitalist economy with a so-called "gift" economy, I have to ask: What gifts do you have to offer, Phil? What do you have that is of any value at all, that anybody else would be willing to accept in exchange for their own freely-offered gifts? You're dumb, you're unskilled, you're socially deficient, and you're a coward. In a real battle, you'd end up shot in the back while fleeing--or knocked out cold with one punch, as your "comrade" was by that Proud Boy.

I swear to god, Phil, you've got phantom limb syndrome where your amputated dick used to be, given how vigorously you like to wave it. But we all know there's nothing behind it, and never was.

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What gifts do you have to offer, Phil? What do you have that is of any value at all, that anybody else would be willing to accept in exchange for their own freely-offered gifts?
I'm gonna go with "cautionary tale to other weeb aspies curious about taking things to the next level", Phil could visit schools like drug addicts used to do in the 90's as part of anti-drug programs to scare those kids straight before they buy their first military uniform: this is your brain on unregulated autism, any questions?