Campaign Ammo 03-08-19 John gets called out for playing a professional victim -

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"India nigger retard doctor"
So reading this, I understand what happened with Naomi was awful, but Brianna’s whole schtick is GamerGate and cyber harassment. Her thing seems like a mostly IRL issue. Also, this was still when John was campaigning, right? So I really don’t get why she’s so pissed at him.

But still, when you’re as nuts as John and make everything to be the worst ever and claim to be the pinnacle of defending women online, any claim to the contrary, no matter how petty, can knock you down.


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Most feminist infighting is usually centered around race and TERF stuff, just something i noticed.


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Asian women go right for the jugular. White women taught them how to play the oppression game and now they're optimizing it like goddamn Starcraft.
Goddammit fucking no! Asian feminists were known for getting a PhD and maintaining their husbands unlike western feminist who dont shave and leave bloody rags on the floor.

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Wu's greatest weakness: a woman of color throwing down the gauntlet in the oppression olympics.