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It's funny because Blake is basically spax but without anyone actually liking him.
I'd also argue he's less successful and intelligent than Spax since Mr. "My mommy's a lawyer" at least made a garbage fire of a website and had the bare minimum of production value with his whining cryfests he called reviews. Blake can only cry using a bad camera or via text on other websites.


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Good to see he's still racist as ever.
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And delusional too! (You live on welfare. No one will take you seriously with the reputation you have.)
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HAHA. You would still have autism. (Watch the quantum leap episode "Jimmy" to see how hell that is. And unlike in the episode, You wouldn't have Scott Bakula to save you from rotting away in the asylum.)


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Fucking seriously; Why did Twitter not just permaban his fat, ugly, exceptional ass - especially since THIS is all we have to look forward to from him???


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I wonder if he is still trying to become the big man on campus as mentioned earlier in the thread.