07/27/2020 TPD OPS Sgt. Mesa RE: David Price's Psychotic Break and It's Bad News Week -

Troon Draugur

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"last Thursday"... lol

What the fuck is that potato sack that he's wearing as a hat? He's morphing into Hoggle*, I swear... Except I suspect Hoggle would have bathed more often.
Every time he says "IT professional cyberterrorists" I have to laugh, if they were what he says they are, does he think he'd still be on the net, relatively untroubled?

Anyone else find his slack-jawed, swivel-eyed "typing face" really unsettling, too? He looks like a mid-stage Alzheimer's patient when he starts with that shit.


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This homonculus is falling apart. Jesus!
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LOL, you're just being a transphobic bigot. The definition of beautiful woman changed in 2008 when the access of evil came into power.
Here is a beautiful woman before 2008

This is a beautiful in 2020

Knowing the difference could save your life and keep your dog and child from being molested.

Dee Price

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This homonculus is falling apart. Jesus!
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Yes he was He was so butthurt he tried everything he could to get me arrested and as usual he failed.

Just the look on his face when he would read a post from me off AMB was just comical. Funny part it was not a harassment complaint. It was just to give APD a warning. The officer that watched all the videos

Admission of child rape and the dog fingering video. Nor to mention his last word on the age of consent.

After watching he asked if i felt like tom would try to come here and harm me i said no it is just for your information.

He said well he does admit to child rape and buggery but it is not our jurisdiction. And not to worry look at his likes this idiots is a clown.