Trashfire 08/21/2021 Ethan Ralph wants to sue Kiwi Farms - "I will be going to the FBI to personally report Josh Moon, with my attorney."

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Ralph got made fun for bragging about gaining one sub on Twitter so suddenly it's eight new subs. Sure Ralph, I'm sure you're gaining ten new subs daily.

Also these people really have a hard time grasping the concept of a forum, made up of different people with different opinions, for them its always just the boogeyman kiwi farms with Mr Moon making all the decisions.

It's not like Ralph has so many different people that hate him who he has attacked through the years. From wu to vickers including entire image and message boards. But it's always just those damn kiwis.
It is worth noting that this entire hack, yeah, Ralph wasn't the target. He was collateral damage. Josh Moon and Kiwifarms are apparently responsible for Ralph and his pay pigs being collateral damage.


I'm pretty sure the kiwi farms didn't hack that info. A user maybe, but not the entity. That's a dead end lolsuit.
Ralph would have to prove that:
A KF user hacked his site's host.
That KF user then posted it on RF instead of KF
And did it all under the direction of Josh.

KF is not the primary source of the dox. Its a repost of dox from RF. Anyone doing 5 seconds of research can see that clear as day.
RF hacks shitty sites like Ralph's all day everyday and likely doesn't know or care who Ralph is. It was just another database for them to 0wn. The dox where so worthless they didn't even try selling it.

This lolsuite is dead right out of the gate and Josh will have a field day on the counter suit.


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Reminder loli is actually illegal, it just rarely gets enforced.
That depends entirely on what state or country you're in. For the vast majority of the US it is not in fact remotely illegal, and in the states where it is those laws never achieve anything aside from being used as bait for a plea bargain when the defendant possesses something worse. In fact Canada's pretty much one of the only places that has successfully charged someone solely on possession of fictional CSAM. I can understand being MATI about people openly parading around with loli but don't spread disinfo or try to equate fictional CSAM with genuine CP, happens far too often on this forum and it's annoying seeing people spread blatant misinfo that others go on to repeat.

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The loyal Killstream subscribes continue to stay loyal to the Ralphamale. All 10 of them.
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Tubby is delusional. The hacker Kiwi 4chan is not responsible. Gunt used a company which had CC and personal info held insecurely. Giving money to Ethan is asking to be doxed. There is evidence for that, none for his claims.

Edit: medieval kings and later were entertained by farters. Maybe that Gunt has a lot of gas. It might be a business venture for TikTok or Youtube that earns more than the sub McD earnings of Killstream.

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He just spent $900 on one of the most ugly looking murses I've seen. Even his taste in fashion is shit, which of course he loves. What money does he have to threaten lolsuits?
Awh, he's trying to big league us in an attempt to show he's still making the big bucks. Maybe instead of bragging about buying a fucking purse he could look into things like how it's not his hosts fault they use shitty security?


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He just spent $900 on one of the most ugly looking murses I've seen. Even his taste in fashion is shit, which of course he loves. What money does he have to threaten lolsuits?
What a faggot, and I thought Eshays had terrible taste. At least they don’t go out and buy a $900 Georgio Armani murse to stash their ciggies and pingas.


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Why is this stupid hog making me like commies more and more? Maybe I should send @CECA Loather my application to join the CPC. He sounds like a pussy ass whimpy bitchboy even when he's trying to threaten some twink looking commie faggot.

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Well you kinda sorta need some sort of a purse when you attend court as a pro se litigant, for all the paperwork. Also it'll look great with sweatpants. ALSO once he is in jail May can ebay it at a significant discount and turn it into diapers. Plenty of use for it.