09/23/2020 Interdiction Blues -

Dee Price

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Tom is such a nasty old man. That place is always a nasty filthy mess. So is tom collecting more garbage from the dumpsters? It seems as if the pile of trash is growing face hair and the clutter in the trashes hovel seems to have gotten a lot bigger as well. And what floor you can see is covered in who knows what.


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I do find its fascinating that somehow Tom has constructed a worldview devoid of originality, intelligence, and charm, and yet one which also fails to endear him to any group. Most people get at least two of those and the vast majority get at least one.

I guess that's what happens when your whole ideology is motivated by dog rape
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Working on my hell and forth
It's sad I can identify which threads are on Tommy based on his retarded titles. The overcompensation for his sub-par intellect is very plain to see.
I don't know what you're talking about Tommie is clearly a stunning and brave woman with 250 IQ with many beautiful dogs which he hasn't fingered and many young friends who aren't repulsed to be in his presence why yesterday when he went busking passerby's broke down in tears and threw money, also the insane asylum couldn't keep him because he was just so sane that people around him got better just from his proximity.