FIGGIN 1/26/19 ADF and Victoria have broken up - will leave the apartment in 6 weeks

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Thuuder only happens wlen its raisinl
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I like how he's covering his ass so no one will call him out for not letting other trans wimminz crash at his place, like he use to do constantly when he was "homeless". It's totally not that Phil is incapable of reciprocation and is jealously guarding his hovel like it's worth something, it's just that his life is in SUCH danger and only he or maybe a harden antifa senpai that he really likes could handle it. Sorry other homeless troons, Philly has no room at his inn!


Daddy's too busy fucking a whore to care Timmy.
"I am not in danger of houselessness anytime soon, things will be rough awhile being on my own after [he] leaves - to my enemies: take my apartment from my cold dead hands"
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>Enemies take my apartment from my cold dead hands.

Cannot wait for local law enforcement kick Phil back on the streets because no one likes house squatters.

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I wonder why there's a specific six week deadline to the breakup. If Toren had something new lined up, he'd bounce and leave Phil right away. It seems like this is something that could potentially fall through if Toren is relying on someone having house space/money available six weeks down the line, given the types of people normally in Phil/Torren's social orbit.


Hehe xd
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Philly boy better start looking for love on Okcupid to find a replacement soon. It will be very hard to find a lesbian, transwoman antifa super soldier interested in BDSM, SJW bullshit, Palestine, Latinx shit, maps, and guns in Portland or the west coast.
That actually seems pretty easy.

More like a pig.
A pig oozing puss and blood from a gash would be thrown into an incinerator for not meeting USDA standards.