FIGGIN 1/26/19 ADF and Victoria have broken up - will leave the apartment in 6 weeks


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I wonder why there's a specific six week deadline to the breakup. If Toren had something new lined up, he'd bounce and leave Phil right away. It seems like this is something that could potentially fall through if Toren is relying on someone having house space/money available six weeks down the line, given the types of people normally in Phil/Torren's social orbit.
Didn't Toren's post say that he needed to find somewhere by 1 March, though, which implies that he doesn't yet have anything lined up.

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It's not their parents' place? Then they can stay up all night and repost all the fash-bashing tweets they want while eating ice cream from a carton, live the dream!
I was thinking more along the lines of ADF's weird fascination with the concept of us/"the fascists" invading their apartment. What is even the point there?

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Philly boy better start looking for love on Okcupid to find a replacement soon. It will be very hard to find a lesbian, transwoman antifa super soldier interested in BDSM, SJW bullshit, Palestine, Latinx shit, maps, and guns in Portland or the west coast.
Phil won't find anyone to be in a relationship with. However something tells me that whatever particular faction of ANTIFA larpers he's running round with are probably full of mentally challenged, socially dysfunctional idiots who have made nothing but poor life choices and surf from couch to couch for a living because the can't support themselves.

I bet you once it gets out Phil's taking in LARP squatters so long as they're down to fight the fash and wear all black, he'll have no shortage of edgy bad boi's crashing in his livingroom under the guise of "My apartment is now ANTIFA headquarters..."

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Phil is window-licking stupid, but he's also the kind of guy who could get himself on a government watchlist because he's mentally unstable, has no future and therefore nothing to lose, has violent fantasies, and is easily influenced by people with a political agenda that advocates violence.
Could get on a list? He already is and has been visited by the FBI for drawing this (pardon the shit quality)

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This must be the most elaborated shitposting I've seen in a while. For the sake of my already fragile psyche, I refuse to believe I share this planet with people like him.
I was just thinking the very same thing. Who the fuck ANNOUNCES that kind of thing on an open social media channel for the whole fucking world to see? If you were divorcing, would you bother to tell anyone except those directly effected by it? Phil would. Mind bogglin'.
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Who does he think wants to share rooms with a filthy, sharting pig-potato hybrid?
Don't worry. There are more than enough crazy, desperate troons with low standards out there. Not to mention, antifa is filled with a bunch of dirty, slacker hippies, many of who don't have enough money to take care of themselves. I'm sure if Phil wants a roommate, he'll be able to get one.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it. Because whoever Phil takes for a roommate is going to be ridiculous and crazy and pathetic. The resulting drama should be entertaining.

Not to mention, it's also only a matter of time before Toren lets loose and tells all kinds of embarassing stories about living with Phil. God knows everyone else who's lived with him has given us quality content.